Monday, February 6, 2012

Lucky Eleven

E tagged me in some kind of blogger 'get-to-know-you' list, and though I probably won't play the whole game (as much as I love my daughter), I will play part of it. Sorry, E.  So here's my mutation: First, 11 things about me (as if I haven't spent the last three years of my life sharing compulsively about my life!):
1. My earliest memory is of a wedding, the same month I turned two. My father's middle sister was the bride. I also remember--from the same day, I believe--a baby in a basket. That baby was my sister, Dump.
2. When I was a child and we were served peas, the only way I could swallow them was with a large gulp of milk. However, usually I let them drop onto the floor because our Norwegian Elkhound pup fortunately loved peas.
3. I still have the first (maybe only?) pair of hiking socks my dad ever bought for me--the ones he bought me when he bought me my first pair of hiking boots.
4. The last time I cried was this afternoon when I saw two little plastic cups (one pink, one turquoise) in a box Thyrza is taking to Maryland. I remembered the day when Beve's mother, B, bought them for our one-year-old E and her two cousins so they could have cups of their own in her bathroom. It just got to me.
5. SK is home this week, helping us pack, and E left yesterday, having helped us pack all weekend, so I've spent all day calling SK: Elizasteph.
6. I'm allergic dairy products. Not lactose intolerant, but actually allergic. Just in the last couple of years. An all out, mouth and throat itching allergy. DANG. And I LOVE dairy. I mean, CHEESE?  Sigh.
7. I just read The Hunger Games trilogy in about 36 hours. It isn't even a genre I thought I liked, and I couldn't put it down.
8. I rooted for the Giants in the Super Bowl--both times. And watched every down--both times; and yes, I am a Manning fan. Both Mannings, in fact.
9. And speaking of the Superbowl--loved the Doritoes commercial with the Great Dane. LOVED it.
10. J has moved home for the indefinite future. It isn't what any of us expected, but we're all very glad he's here.
11. Beve and I are going to Hawaii in April with some friends. And when I made the reservation thirteen months ago, I never imagined how much we would need a respite. But reminds us how God knows better than we do what we need.

Now to answer E's questions:
1. What is one thing you can't leave the house without? My water bottle
2. Tell me the best place you've ever visited or vacationed. Visited: (at least the most interesting) India; Vacationed: Cancun 
3. You have to sing karaoke to save my life. What song do you choose? "I'll praise you in the storm" (a sentimental favorite)
4. If you could change one thing in the past week, what would it be? Not lifting that quilt wrong so I didn't put my back out...and therefore, being a better me when facing Thyrza.
5. What have you been eating a lot of recently? Toast with peanut butter and bananas
6. If you were going to be famous for something, what would you want it to be? A writer, or teacher, for the Kingdom
7. What is your least favorite chore? Unloading the dishwasher
8. If you had to live one place the rest of you life, where would it be? Right here in Bellingham
9. What shows do you watch regularly? New fav: Downton Abbey (thanks, E!)
10. Do you have any big trips coming up? If so, what? Kauai, Hawaii--well, and to Whidbey with the family.
11. Who is your hero? Beve...his dad.

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E said...

You're welcome for Downton. You should have Steph show you the first season, so you can see everything you missed.