Monday, March 26, 2012

A round-up

A Monday round-up, though that makes it sound like I've made all these quilts in the last week, which would be super human. Even for me. Actually, the top one (an extra-long twin T-shirt quilt) I made for that young man so he could sleep under it at college--which he began last fall. So I'm a bit slow at getting some of these posted. That's how things go around here.
From there down, Beve's 'lap quilt', a baby quilt (which looks a whole lot bigger than it actually is--I was just standing very close when I took the photo), a couple of quilts from the same fabric line, because I had so much of the fabric, and couldn't decide what I wanted to do with all of it (it's for some good friends, and I don't even know which quilt to give them, though I am taking that white border off the larger one--it just doesn't work for me), another baby quilt, and a lap quilt yet to be designated because I really needed to work with some orange (my favorite color) for a while.


E said...

I agree on the white border. Get that thing off of there. And the orange quilt at the bottom is probably my favorite.

Elle said...

I think the first and last are my favorites! :)

jeskmom said...

I think they're all my favorites, just like each one of my children is my favorite!