Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Only once

I woke up with a headache. It wasn't a propitious start to my day. Nevertheless, I pressed on with the various tasks and responsibilities which are both my job and lot joy and least for this day.

Today's agenda included a doctor's appointment for a couple of issues neither of which have any bearing on this post. Before that, however, I had just time to begin work on this:
A long and lean lap (ish) quilt for Beve. Well, it kind of grew into a bed-sized quilt, because he's more like a bed-sized person. Anyway, I began working on it and realized that my usual method of quilting wouldn't work today. A few days ago I broke a thumb nail down below the quick and have been babying it along but to quilt, it take my thumbs pulling the fabric taut, and that poor, broken nail was breaking more and more with each pull. So I decided I had just time before my doctor's appointment to run to...
Jo-Ann fabrics and buy some quilting gloves, which I've never used before. They're working like a charm, by the way, though I think I might have liked the Larges a little better than the mediums. Oh well.

However, I knew time was at a premium, that I couldn't waste a moment.
Two things happened in my rush.
First I managed to...
yep, leave my tea--my very important cup of caffeine!-on the kitchen counter, which is a huge deal, considering the state of my throbbing left temple.

But I was in a hurry. A HUGE hurry. I laced up my Nikes, told the dogs to stay (and oh, the sad faces!) and raced out the door. Half way to JoAnn I looked down and realized I was wearing this:
That's right, folks. Pajama pants.  So did I turn around and forego the gloves? Heck no. I brazened it out, as flummoxed as I felt.  And when I told the cashier at JoAnn what had happened, she said she'd once come into to work and was hanging up her 'coat' and realized it was her bathrobe. Nice.

There should be some great moral lesson here, but mostly I just felt like one of those people who wear pajama pants everywhere, "though I'm not really like that," I told my doctor.
"No, you're categorically not," he said. "But I suppose it's okay once in a while."
 "Once," I said. "Only once."

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Elle said...

You have no idea how much my roommates and I laughed at this. Thanks for the laughs!