Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Almost a year ago, I made reservations for Beve and I to go to Hawaii during this year's Spring Break. A year ago, it looked like a fun idea. We invited some good friends to join us on the Garden Isle of Kauai for a relaxing week of sun. That's all we were thinking back then.

This sounds like we're people who can afford fancy vacations. We are not. There's almost always something going on that demands our attention. Lawns that need mowing, bills that need paying. Stuff and nonsense. Things we must do, things we can't.  And this year, all that's magnified. About a hundred times. It's hard to imagine a more difficult time to leave the continent for a week.

But every time we have a chance to really take the temperature of our lives, Beve says, "I'm overwhelmed--and exhausted." The toll this year has taken on him--on each of us, or both of us--is hard to measure.  So the vacation I booked thirteen months ago has become a far more important trip than just 'getting away.' Nothing so self-indulgent as we thought back then. Now it's a respite. As in respite from all the caring we do in our daily lives. We're putting into place several safeguards for the week away--when J will be the one to care for Grampie.

Anyway, we're going. Thursday. We'll be gone about 10 days.  Long enough, I hope. Beve's already getting a little squirrelly, and I've been trying on every piece of summer clothing in my closet in hopes of finding enough to fit me for a week (which, I know, is a good problem to have, but is still a problem).  And we're both getting ready to be warm. I realize the rest of the country has had plenty of summer weather; we haven't. Not yet. But Friday in Kauai. That'll be fine.

I haven't decided whether I'll take a computer yet...maybe just the Ipad. So maybe I'll post or maybe I won't. If not, you'll have to imagine that I'm too busy boogie boarding, snorkling, eating, swimming, reading and talking to be bothered. Sorry.

Not really.
I need the respite.

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Elle said...

Sounds like paradise! I hope you have a fun time and are able to get some rest!