Monday, April 9, 2012

Hawaii photo dump

And there you have it...our trip in a coconut shell. A very small coconut shell, since I was too busy playing to take many photos.  But my favorite sequence was of the twin giants greeting the waves down in Poi Pu'u, getting pushed around by the forces of creation. I was laughing so hard it was a little hard to focus, so just took my camera, aimed in their general direction and hoped I got something worth keeping.
But in order--the Lighthouse halfway up the island (forgot the name), the canopied drive to our resort, each couple at the Luau at the Kilohana Sugar Plantation (WOW, what a pig--and what a night!), the beach boys  meeting the waves, Waimea Canyon, Vacation Beve (or Beverly as Facebook re-named him, and we took to calling him!) in full hurricane mode. The amazing nuts and roots of the Luahala trees, and us on the beach at Lydgate Park. The four of us above the same water falls our family kayaked to 14 years ago and swam beneath. Ah, how I love the circles of life that bring us back to some place we saw from a different angle at an earlier time. Symmetry, right?

And I especially love the symmetry that means that means we leave for a trip and return to our home. And our bed and our lives. And get on with it all. No matter what that 'all' is, we come home to it gladly.

PS. Did you notice the t-shirt Beve's wearing in the top photos? Later that afternoon, we walked into Starbucks (yes, children, even in Kauai, there is Starbucks) and the barista pouring ice into our water bottles said, "You must be wicked smart." Beve and I looked at him rather quizzically. Then he said, "I wish I was smart enough to have gone to Harvard."
"Oh," I said. "Well, he is pretty smart." Beve just grinned.
"Thanks for the water," I said.
We walked away without telling the man that Beve got that t-shirt for 1.49 at Value Village.  We spent the rest of the week calling Beve 'wicked smart'. Not only that, the friends we were with are about to move to Atlanta from where they've lived for ten years--right near Princeton. Before leaving, D is determined to get himself a t-shirt, so he can be 'wicked smart', too.


E said...

The hurricane pose is definitely my favorite.

Elle said...

Beverly and "wicked smart" go well together.

Great pics!