Saturday, April 21, 2012

World Views

Here's a picture of our house. Don't come stalking me, now that I've given you my address. I do know that you'll all want to do that, since I am, after all the center of the world. From this view you can see the front slate patio, with thyme we planted between the stones where we sit to watch the sunset over the Bay, and the fireworks on 4th of July. You can see SK's white Subaru parked facing downhill, and the newly finished deck Beve and his buddy had spent the summer putting in behind the house. You can see the expanse of lawn where we've thrown tennis balls for hours for one dog or another, watched our teenaged kids play lively games of soft ball, had BBQs with friends. The day this photo was snapped from so far above me, I might have been sitting on that deck, might have been drinking my tea with my dogs curled up beside me, the way I did in the sun this morning. I like to imagine that, like to think that I was just living out my life, knowing I could be seen so clearly, because, after all, what I do IS the most significant thing to be done and seen.
Well, at least our house is the center of the neighborhood, right? Conveniently located near parks, the community stadium, shopping. Oh wow, now I sound like I'm trying to sell it. Not sure Beve would be very excited about that. Anyway, my point is, we're very right in the center of the world, as you can clearly tell on google earth.

Ok, so maybe we aren't quite in the exact cent of our town, but we're still close enough to get to what we need to get to--to be a part of things. And we know who we are here. We're known here--or at least Beve is. We LIVE in this small city. It's the center of our world. The center of 'the' world, in a sense.
But around here, people also talk about "the County." More than any other place I've ever lived, the county, which is Whatcom, is important. "Do you live in town or out in the county?" "I had to go out to a place in the county to get that." "No, I wasn't raised here, but out in the county (like it was some place so far away, you'd think they had to use their passport and take a rocket ship to get there!)."
This is a picture of the great state of Washington and British Columbia north of it. You can tell how close to the border our little red dot of a home lies.  I'm beginning to feel pretty small in my own home now. A bit less conspicuous than I did a few minutes ago when I started this Google Earth project.
And now we've pulled back so we can see the entire country at a glance (even the dots of Hawaii on the far right).  My own red dot of an address is no longer visible, though I know approximately where we live (as most of us do--don't we?).
And here we are, our little world in the vast expanse of space. I would have made it even smaller but I wanted the boundary lines visible. But it's merely a tiny blue and grayish-green ball reflecting the light of a star.  And we have no more hope of being seen on it than we have a hope of seeing single-celled creatures without the aid of very strong magnifiers.
So there's absolutely no possible way we could be the center of the universe. NO WAY. We aren't the center of anything.

But for one thing. God--who IS the center of the universe--says that we are. He created us
         All of us and each of us.
"What are mere mortals that you are mindful of them,
      human beings that you care for them?
You made them a little lower than the angels,
You crowned them with glory and honor, 
     and put everything under their feet." 
Psalm 8: 4-6 as quoted in Hebrews 2: 6-8

We aren't the center of the universe, but we ARE the apple of His eye. We aren't the most important people (or nation!) who ever lived but we are HIS people, a royal priesthood, a people belonging to God. It's in the context of HIS world view that we must see ourselves and those around us.

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

Wonderful way to put things into perspective. I am always amazed to think that our God knows exactly where I am, knows what I am doing and thinking at all times...He never loses sight of me, even when my little speck on the planet is invisible to the naked eye. Wow! Our God Reigns!
Thank you.