Saturday, May 12, 2012

Twenty-Eight Years

Home from the Palouse, in time for another RDJ, which you can find here
I pulled out a journal from the spring of 2002, and I confess, once I saw that I'd grabbed a spring, I turned it to May 12. To this exact day in 2002. Because today is my wedding anniversary. 28 years ago today, Beve and I were married in our hometown (where we started this morning with a latte before we hit the chisom highway west).  Just to remind you, we looked like this on May 12, 1984.
We were just a couple of silly kids that day. Oh wait, we weren't kids at all, but in our late 20s. Still, looking back, we sure look young to me now.

Anyway, back to my May 12, 2002 RJD entry:
Eighteen years! 
 I remember standing in my dress in the church library, surrounded by all those blue-hooped dresses RE and I had made (and how I cringe thinking I made them wear such things--they looked like Princess Di's dress! Yikes!) and suddenly hearing Beve begin to sing, his surprise for me in the wedding. And the momentary horror I felt that my dress had been taken in too much and was too tight once the slip was on. And that my foot (which I'd broken three weeks prior and had refused to get casted) would be too swollen to fit into the high heels we'd bought...such silly superficial worries. I remember walking into the church alone to greet Beve for five minutes by ourselves before pictures. Just those few quiet moments when we could really see each other for the first time. That was breath-taking. Our attendants later told us they'd snuck up to the balcony to peek down at us. 
And I remember the absolute calm that came over me walking down the aisle with Dad, a calm that lasted through saying my well-memorized vows and listening to his. Surely the presence of the Lord was in that place. I remember that. 

Now it's ten years later, and these memories are as clear now as they were a decade ago. But I would add other things on this anniversary day. I would say that I remember countless days and dresses and jeans and diapers and basketball shorts and braided hair. Cuts and bandaids and bread from the bread machine, his amazing cinnamon rolls and my sewing creations (including the infamous Easter outfits I made for ALL of them--dresses for the girls, ties for Beve and J). I remember family conversations and family vacations, Dimetapp and baby aspirin, sleeping bags and babies in our bed, basketball hoops in our living room and in our driveway, reading in our bed, in their beds, in the big chair, on the floor, in the car and everywhere. Basketball games and practices, plays and practices, driving lessons and swimming lessons, first cars and first car-wrecks. And I remember "Top-pen" Ramen, and Honey Nut Cheerios, and about a billion other meals, messes, moments in between.

Mission trips and VBS, Sunday School, and church. Talking about Jesus a thousand ways, a thousand days because He is the gravity beneath our feet, and the sky above our head and everything in between. Because that's how we wanted/still want our kids to live.

This is the anniversary of our wedding but I celebrate our marriage. Full of days and nights and trips and fights and all the things that make us who we are.  The other night as he was falling asleep, Beve said, "I love you," and I suddenly had a revelation-- so I told him, "I love us!"

And that, I think, is about as good as it gets.


Kristina said...

what a nice post

Modern Day Disciple said...

Hi Carolyn - I am sure glad you let me know your real name...I felt funny thinking of you as jeskmom! So glad you shared this precious picture. What a sweet share. Marriage memories them.