Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wild and crazy happenings...

Wild and crazy happenings 'round here.
Per usual.
Of course.
While Grampie's wife is visiting with her daughter and son-in-law, which has meant a stealth and steady movement in the skilled nursing facility. A slight of wheelchair, you might say, a now you see the 'girlfriend,' and one blink and there's Thyrza right in her place. Thyrza doesn't know there's a 'girlfriend', and that's just how it was planned. Phew! Thyrza has planned many and varied activities for the week, most of which were beyond Grampie's capabilities, or demanded Beve's assistance--usually at times he wasn't able to assist! But we've had a good week.

And today, just because we like to make things interesting, Beve and a buddy took out our non-working sliding door to our back deck, and installed a beautiful set of French doors in its place. Unfortunately it wasn't nearly as simple a project as that sentence makes it sound. We had a large hole in the wall, on a sunny but very breezy afternoon, while Beve and his friend went for more supplies (why are there NEVER the right supplies at hand for a project?). I'd been sitting at my sewing machine, finishing some squares for a quilt for our family's cabin on Whidbey Island, cutting off the setting corners when I suddenly looked down and saw that I was bleeding all over the place. My rotary cutter had sliced a bit of finger but my hands were so cold I didn't even feel it. Needless to say, I put away that part of the project until there was a door back on the house!

And there now is. Shimmed and set in place. No door knobs or locks yet, so burglars have an easy way in, but  we'll take our chances. We have this fierce watch dog, after all. Oh right, the fierce one died, now we only have the one who's more afraid of people than they would be of her. Still she barks, and that's good enough. Right? Right? Work with me, here. I need to sleep tonight.

Actually, though I don't want you to go telling this to everyone, we aren't a very secure household. We never have been. There have been times when we've had people stay with our dogs and had to dig around to find keys to our house for them because we don't carry them as a general rule. We just don't. We come and go and leave the house as it is. We do lock it at night...and have been known to lock out our children, just because we're on auto-pilot and forget they're home visiting, or think they've come in when they haven't. I'm pretty sure each of them has had to climb in through the dog-door at least once. It's a good thing I've never been the one locked out because I can't imagine any circumstance in which I'd be able to climb through that dog door. I'd probably just sit out on the deck, punching in Beve's cell-number until I could finally rouse him. Or bang on our window. Or I know...not be out that late, to begin with!

In any case, we ALMOST have new French doors. And I can imagine summer more each day. Opening that door all the way so that we have a large indoor outdoor expanse and lots of room for all of us to eat and sit and be together. Because that's what this summer will be--a whole lot of together. We have a full-house for the month of July again and are looking forward to all the ways we can celebrate Grampie when the family comes from all corners to see him.

As I say, wild and crazy happenings...

This morning I was readying Psalm 16 (which is another of my 'desert island favorites!), and it fits the week, the day, the coming summer:
"Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup;
you have made my lot secure.
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
surely I have a delightful inheritance."

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Elle said...

28 days and then I'll see your new French doors plus the deck which I didn't quite see as it is now!