Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ah, family!

Just hugged my sisters and cousins goodbye after a great few days. Walking the beach--and you'd think my middle sister and I had never set foot near salt water before, because we wore tennis shoes which got WET when we tried to come back in through little rivers of incoming tides.

And while we were carefully trying to avoid the water, RE was doing this:

Yep, my youngest sister actually seems to be able to walk on water. 
We drove out to a long spit where we saw Osprey in large numbers sitting on rocks on the bay. If you squint, you can almost see them through the reeds here.
Out on Semiamhoo Spit there were bald eagles, more osprey and more kinds of gulls than I could name unless I was a professional 'birder'. One of my cousins notices birds and interrupted her own stories mid-sentence to point another bird I wouldn't have noticed. In the top of trees she noticed some birds with 'ruffled feathers, and curved heads' and was startled to think they were vultures--which we've never seen in these parts. Only when she got closer did she realize they were immature bald eagles.

My sisters and I had the requisite "Sisters" shirts with us (Finally), so we had our picture taken in them on the beach. And then we tried a timed photo of the five of us. The sequence looked like this:

But it was a sweet time. They would tell you that, of course I would like such a time, because I'm always looking for meaningfulness, but the fact is that it was a weekend full of meaning. I loved the fact that we don't have to explain our back stories, that when one of us talks about a difficult parent, the others get it because we all had a relationship with that person as well. And when we talk about family characteristics, we are talking about our shared family. We laughed about our mutually thin hair (a sad genetic fact of our family), and our dilemmas with finding styles to help. We laugh about all kinds of family stuff that is only funny if one belongs to a clan. But...we also cried together too. Sitting around the dinner table last night tears were shed for the mother who died far, far too young who was aunt to the rest of us, and the father who died also too young who was uncle to the rest.

And at exactly the same time I hugged them goodbye, I hugged Beve and my daughters hello. The girls are here for the next few days. Ready to relax, watch movies, walk the beach, play games, eat ice-cream, do a little yoga...(with their purses, of course).

Sea, sand, sky. Ah, creation.
Ah, family.
Ah, good.

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