Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Minute Friday

Because I'm intrigued by all things writing-related, I've decided to link up with a group of bloggers for "Five Minute Fridays." However, first a disclaimer. The idea behind such posts, I think, is that most writers write and revise until they get their words 'just so' on the page. I almost never do this, at least not unless I'm forced at gun-point. Perhaps it was the years of academic writing where such revision was necessary. Or maybe it was those eleven (!) revisions of OCTOBER AFTERNOON that made me so allergic. However, honestly, I've never revised in my journals; in fact, along with the need for the change in pens, and symmetry of journals themselves, what I hate most is any crossed out words. Hence once words are written on the page, they stick. And since this is something of my online journal I treat it the same way. This leads, unfortunately, to more typos than one would wish--I'm a less proficient typist than writer--but there you have it.
Nevertheless, five straight minutes without lifting my hands, writing about one subject without stopping to cogitate has its merits. We'll see how it goes.

Lines of a quilt lie ready to be joined. I like this stage. Knowing it's about to become something. Knowing it will be the quilt I've imagined and dreamed and planned it to be. Knowing that soon enough (after the hardest part of actually quilting it), it will grace a bed, bless a person, and--at least in me--glorify God through the work. I have sat with it for long hours. Sat at this table staring at the words my daughter painted to remind me why I pray though such work--work in which I follow in the hands of my grandmother and her grandmother. Praying with every step. "Evening and morning I will pray and cry and the Lord shall hear my voice." This is why I work. This is why I give them away. To pray for those who need such prayers. To be used as His practical and spiritual instrument. To cover babies and adults alike with multi-hued quilts that He will use however He will to cover their mult-faceted lives. Like the blessings spoken around a table, I hear a voice speaking over my work, "Bless the work that has prepared this (quilt) and bless the hands that have made it." 

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