Thursday, June 14, 2012

Free--the sequel

Just so you know...
I know--I KNOW!!!--we're suckers for dogs. Really. You don't have to shake your head, roll your eyes, make fun of me any other way. I already know. We love dogs around here. Honestly and completely.
And ever since Jackson began failing, the folks Beve works with started a pool about how long it would be until we got a new puppy.

And let me just say,
one of Beve's buddies guessed it dead on (well, he guessed June 15, but close enough. And, to our credit, the other guesses were June 1st, 4th and 10th).

This is Cade. Recently, as in last night, his name was Bleu and he lived an hour south of here with a young family. They found him and his wonderful puppy energy too much to handle. They left him locked up all day while they worked, and outside all evening while they played with their children, and after a month of this, realized it wasn't fair to him or them or their kids.  So they put  this ad on Craigslist:

FREE 13 week old Yellow Lab (Marysville).

We saw it last night. Jackson, as some of you know, was the best in the known world, and we were given him. So it seemed sort of like, oh I don't know, God?--that there was another free lab waiting for us--maybe.... It was worth a shot, anyway so we wrote an email, which they got--along with 53 others (the man counted!)--and he emailed back that he'd call this morning, which he did first thing. He told me that they'd weeded out a lot of those emails, but kept coming back to ours, and felt strongly that we were the right people--even though they'd actually already communicated with some other woman. But something hadn't felt right about that situation, and they wanted this puppy to go home to the right people.

So this afternoon, J and I drove south, met the man, got peed on by Bleu (his former owner was embarrassed but we've been around this block before!), who has now been re-named Kincade (for a character in J's favorite book). He's already answering to Cade, scampering all over the place, causing this:

Yep, our scaredy pup is shivering in her timbers, BUT, she's actually doing better sooner than we expected. She's very curious/interested in this little interloper, hasn't hidden in her safe kennel once and has even managed to growl like the dominant older dog is supposed to to put a young whipper snapper in his place. This could very well be exactly what the doctor ordered. Er, the vet. Oh, that's right, the vet did suggest a puppy...only not quite this quickly.

But as I said, we're suckers.
For two reasons.
These two:
This puppy, you see, could very well be just what the doctor ordered for our son.


Elle said...

Cute! Can't wait to meet him!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

So happy for you and Cade...what a lucky dog!