Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Olympic Party

The dust has settled around here. Read that to mean that our numbers have shrunk a bit. In fact, there were only five of us sharing a pizza dinner in front of the recently installed giant TV in our living room. I felt downright lonesome...with all that extra space in the room.
Or maybe I didn't. After all, that TV takes up most of what we've lost in people. It's E's TV. She carefully loaded it into her little Honda Civic Hybrid and brought it home for the most important sporting event EVER. Or at least, every four years. I'm talking the summer Olympics, obviously. Yes, I realize that there are also Winter Olympics, and believe me, we're great fans of those events as well, but the sports of summer--these are my family's sports. Volleyball (E and I both played), swimming, rowing (BB rowed for the University of Washington), and, of course, basketball. So our 'little' 42 inch flat screen wasn't going to cut it. Not when E had a perfectly good 53" one going to waste in an empty apartment down in Seattle. So why not bring it up here to overwhelm our small living room. We are. after all, proud to be Americans.

We got out the flag, the flag-like camp-chairs, and circled up around this monstrosity in order to see ourselves in the reflection--as you can clearly see. Yep, those are even my legs in front taking the picture of SK, posing so dramatically. We don't even have curtains on our large living room window because  we never get tired of seeing the view out that window, especially when there's a sunset over the bay. We don't get sun often enough to want to cover it with drapes. But last night, when all the world was a stage, and actually set in the place Shakespeare wrote those words, we couldn't see the screen. Sooo, like the Bellinghamster-hicks we are, we pulled out a dark maroon sheet and tacked it to the window sill. Yes, we did. Proud to be Americans. 

E and BB have a pool going about these games. But then, this is the year of the bracket for them. All brackets, all the time. The winner gets a t-shirt. You should have seen the complicated spreadsheet they were working on last week. A bit hard for me to follow, but in the end, one of them will have to buy the other a t-shirt. That's about all I can make out from the deal. And it keeps them off the streets, I guess.

In the meantime, we'll have our giant TV working from dawn to midnight, with five or more channels to hop between. And I suppose that too, keeps us off the streets.  It's just another part of the celebration that is this summer for us.  Everything a party. Like everything else, we're taking this moment, with these Olympics, to celebrate with this man. He loves a party. And he's a very, very good sport. Carry the flag, Grampie.

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

Hip Hip Hooray for our team! Go America! Wow! You've got my spirit soaring for the Americans! I love love love that your family enjoys this together...especially "Grampie"...what a blessing that you have him there with you to participate in the festivities! I'm missing my dear old dad...he loved celebrating any occasion with his family. See your Grampie like this brought such sweet tears to my eyes thinking that he and my Dad would've been right there together cheering for our team! That's the kind of people they were in their generation! Glad to see that it is being carried on in the next in your family. Maybe I can rally up some support here as well...Thanks for sharing such family moments with the rest of us!