Tuesday, July 31, 2012


In my inbox this morning was a wonderful email from 'the girls'. And I've spent the day humming the tune (though not these words, of course--they just aren't in the deep files of my memory). So because they made me so happy, well-loved and, also because it completes the set of  'The girls' birthday reflections of this last year, I thought I'd post it.  They are generous and sweet (in the best, but not corny!) sense of the word, and I am blessed.

Ode to Carolyn (Part One)

Written to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music”

Thai food and doggies and Jesus, her Savior
Elephants, Fridays, and coffee (all flavors)
Curry in Pushar and Holland on bikes
These are a few of  her favorite “Likes”

A passion for writing and coffee galore
Tea and more tea- need we say more?
Family and friends and being a wife
To Steve (known as Beve)- the love of her life

Reading a book and writing a post
These are the things which please her the most
Castles in Scotland and Abbey Garden teas
Near and far wonderful things such as these!

When the day bites
When the night stings
When she feels sad
She simply remembers these favorite things
And then doesn’t feel so bad!

Ode to Carolyn (Part Deux)

Boat shoes and Seafarers, blue hoodies and b. ball
Curb painting, swimming, fun rides in the Carry-All
Single file sitting while cruising through town
These are the places where memories abound!

Young Life, Campaigners, Sam Adams to boot
Trips to the mountains-in snow- what a hoot!
Job’s Daughters, matchmaking, a good friend to all
Sense of ridiculousness-no absurdity too small!

When we think of
Our friend Carolyn
And the fun we have had
We simply remember these wonderful times
And then we can feel so glad!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAROLYN!!!  We love you!!!


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Aah! Now I feel like I really know you! So many delightful things you "like"! So many favorite things! What fun..and such wonderful friends/family to serenade you thusly on your birthday! I love it!!!
Again, Happy Birthday to you!!

Elle said...

What a fun birthday surprise! Miss you already!