Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Picturing a party

 A few pictures from the last few days of our 'Lumber Sparty,' as my Finnish sister-in-love calls it.
First, the whole clan circled around our beloved patriarch. Grampie was happily taking a nap on our deck when we interrupted him for our photo session. By the way, E couldn't resist hauling Jamaica into her arms for the picture. Jamaica is enough of a pretty girl that she was happy to oblige. Cade, on the other hand, was sound asleep under Grampie's chaise lounge and far be it from us to awaken a sleeping puppy.
Two of my favorite people. My Finnish sister-in-love, whom I haven't seen in a dozen years and middle brother's wife whom lives halfway across the state. Oh, the fun we had back in our early years together. And the ringleader was always Beve's beloved sister, Glo, who we lost three years ago. We've felt her loss keenly this week. This keenly:

These are the four granddaughters, Glo's four nieces. And yes, that's an actual tatoo on SK's neck. We all really miss the life-of-every-party, Gloria. She'd be reveling in this time as much as Grampie is. Maybe more.
I've always told you that I dwell in the land of giants; and this picture proves it. The scrimp here is my 6'3" baby brother. In his real life, he never feels like the smallest man in the room. But these days...well, a picture definitely paints a thousand words.

 This was our strawberry expedition. And can I just say, none of us have grown tired of them yet. Today we had a wonderful Finnish feast with a to-die-for dessert, but tomorrow it'll be strawberries as usual. And I don't think we'll be complaining.
One last picture to remind us why we've gathered. He might not exactly remember but we know why we're here. Tonight he was about as confused as he's been, couldn't even pull up either Beve's or my name, and thought we were in some kind of facility we'd rented for the duration. But it made him talkative and professorial and reminded us of who he was at when he was directing life from his big desk at the helm of the PE department at WSU. So we just went with everything he said and enjoyed the journey wherever it took us.

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