Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Five months old and counting...

Our 'little' puppy is now five months old. By little I mean that he's now bigger than our 55 pound Springer Spaniel, stronger than me, and more mischievous than a whole daycare of two-year-olds. When he's not 'stealing' pillows, shoes, bags and pieces of fabric from around the house, he's bumping into one of us, trying to cause havoc by his extra large, extra clumsy, extra-everything body that he can't quite control yet. For all that, he's one adorable puppy. Obedient, too. I know, I know, it doesn't seem possible that he can be obedient when he's such a rascal but he really is. He wants so much for someone to tell him how to behave.

But since a picture speaks louder than words:
This morning, Kade weighed in at 60 pounds (not including the rawhide cigar!). See how proudly he's sitting for me when I ask? He loves, loves, loves to obey me when I ask him to sit. He knows what the word means, expects lavish praise, and always hopes for treats.  E (who got home from the cross-country trek yesterday afternoon) just told me that Maica has become the 'long-suffering older dog', who endures the puppy's constant annoying of [her], just as Jackson did when Maica was the puppy five years ago.

This is what Maica has to put up with most of the time. In fact, this is what Kade looks like most of the time, and what we can look forward to with the weather turning cooler. Sigh.

You can see how excited Maica is about his antics...not that her disinterest stops him. He just dances around her until she finally gives in and responds. Doesn't take no for an answer, I suppose you could say. He's a little like the importune widow. Beating and beating on the judge's door--"come on, come on, open up, do what I want." And Maica, not because she's particularly inclined toward the activity (she's more interested in her morning nap, thank you very much), gives up, gives in.
And then it's on. Full scale play, right in our living room, among our feet and the clean sheets on the chair and the pillow we've put on the back of a chair to save from him, and the pile of shoes and boxes on the piano (so many things rescued from this puppy--well, not the sheets, but give me a moment, I'm writing a blog post!).

Yep, we have a giant puppy growing up among us. A puppy who isn't, we've discovered, merely a dark yellow lab, but actually a Labrodesian. That is, a Lab/Rhod esian Ridgeback mix. And let me tell you, there's a whole world of difference between the two.

Thank goodness he's adorable. Because I'm telling you, it's going to be a whole lot of work training this puppy.

PS. Almost every Labrodesian puppy gets the same moniker from their owner--and we didn't even know it when we gave it to him: Cade-Monster.


Elle said...

Holy cow he's big! I'm a little jealous of the Rhodesian in him. My best friend from childhood had a Rhodesian, and let me tell you, that was a darn good dog! But I do have a rather cute Israeli puppy waiting for me... :)

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh my goodness!! I am happy for you, and happy it is you and not me! LOL!!! I love doggies, but just don't think I could do the puppy thing again. You and our other blogging friend Susie have convinced me that I'm too old for that. But I can enjoy yours from a distance. Thank you. :)

Unknown said...

How big did he finally get full grown? I have a female who is 10 months old right now and easily 60-80lbs! And she's pretty much the same mentality.