Friday, August 3, 2012


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I turn the corner down the hall and two bouncing dogs race toward me bumping the walls
Bumping my legs in glee.
It's too early for this
Too early for their joy
For playing with tennis balls, fetching sticks, rumbling in my living room, jumping at my knees, tearing around with my shoes. Too early.
But here I am. Walking down the hall toward the day.
I've done this before.
With babies on my hips, pulling at my hair,
demanding attention before my first cup of coffee
With small children whose mouths were open for their cereal--
open like small birds' beaks, awaiting what only Mama could give them
With teenagers sullen and quiet, heads bent over, hurrying toward their day.

I've done this before.
I can square my shoulders and face the day before my first cup of tea (no longer coffee)
Go outside to throw a stick, and a tennis ball,
Face the day.
THIS is the day that the Lord has made.
THIS--like every day--every day He ever made...all of them in a long line,
These are my days.
Starting too early.
But starting.

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E said...

I did enjoy the past couple mornings of doglessness. Not going to lie. :)