Friday, August 3, 2012

Working out

It's Thursday, Friday morning, which means it's another Random Journal Day. The 19th! Really? That long? Hard to imagine. Anyway. Since this link-up began, it's really taken on life, added contributors of many different kinds of journals. And each brings something of value to the great banqueting table that is our faith. It's definitely worth a "taste and see that the Lord is good." HERE
It's also August 3rd, which is my re-birthday. I'm one of the blessed ones who knows the exact date Jesus drew me into relationship with Him. If I knew where the notebook was from that summer, I'd pull it out and write from those first halcyon days of my romance with Jesus. But somehow in the many moves of life (both mine and my mother's) many of my earliest journals have disappeared (along with my wedding dress, so losing those journals is something I've long since gotten over).

Instead, I pulled out a journal from my first year of being a mom. And in it I found a list of goals for my life. It's a pretty comprehensive list, though, oddly, I've never been very interested in goal-setting. I think my right-brained, left-handed creative mind finds them as restrictive as shopping lists (which I don't make either, but don't get me started on that--I do keep them, just in my head).

So this list is an anomaly and all the more interesting (and significant?) because of its rarity.
Here it is, as written September 9, 1985:
A. Excitement in my Christian Walk:

  1. For the Word: constant hunger for it
  2. The Spirit's infilling--seeing results in worship
  3. words of knowledge--hearing His voice and being faithful to speak what I hear
  4. doing His word--not simply being a hearer, but acting on what I hear
  5. Preaching the word--evangelism where I live
  6. encouraging other believers
  7. PRAYER!!!
B. Excitement in my relationship with Beve--being a Godly wife

  1. anticipating and meeting his needs 
  2. allowing him time to himself 
  3. giving him support in his job and school
  4. listening to him, encouraging him to share his heart
  5. sharing my hear with him--being vulnerable at all costs
  6. creativity in our daily lives--not letting our lives become routine
  7. being positive about things--being filled with the Spirit
  8. working hard to make our home, our relationship a sanctuary
  9. just plain loving him sacrificially. But emotionally, too!
  10. Praying without ceasing for him!
C. Relationship with E ]who was only 6 weeks old at the time]

  1. recognizing and meeting her physical needs
  2. gentleness and patience when she's fussy
  3. singing and speaking about the Lord to her, even now
  4. praying for her (now and in the future)
  5. allowing her to be a baby--not being antsy for her to get past this part
  6. LOVING her as she is, and KNOWING she's who God intended her to be. RIGHT NOW.
D. For myself
  1. Books--not getting stagnant by not reading--even just a Psalm
  2. writing--more creativity. Carving out time for writing. Even a paragraph a day.
  3. sewing--plugging away at projects--to see something FINISHED!!!
  4. a friend of my own here
  5. dieting 
  6. exercise
Faith without works is useless, James says. He's writing truth. Am I living that truth? Help me, Lord, to live out my faith in these concrete ways.

Apart from the section about baby E, most of these goals could have been written a week ago.  And looking at it gives me chills because I really can mark both how far I've come and where I've missed the mark. Does this mean I haven't gotten very far, or that my desires were always what I should be desiring for my relationships? 
It's a good thing to ponder this week.
What are your goals for your most important relationships? are you living out your faith? 

Work at your faith with fear and trembling, says Philippians 2, for it is God at work within you...


Elle said...

I think your goals just show that you want to be healthy permanently. Most people just set goals for a year or a month or some other limited time. You set goals for life, which is the best way to do it.

Kristina said...

So many goals! I'm not much of a goal-setter though I am a list-writer.

Sylvia R said...

Wow. Quite an ambitious set of goals. But great setting of your course. Thanks for sharing these.
Sylvia @

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Yeah, I can relate to those goals...and I can also relate to the fact that I still need to keep them before me. Actually, I think we do achieve our goals, but as our minds and hearts (and bodies) mature, our goals mature with us...they just carry us into the next stage of life and we start all over again for that new stage. Great post. Wonderful goals! Thank you for sharing with us!

Modern Day Disciple said...

I so love your posts! Great list.
It's funny how somehow we could make them almost the same regardless of time passed. Some things are a continual striving, I suppose. Thanks, Carolyn!

Recovering Church Lady said...

Wow that IS a very thorough list! I love your involvement and attitude about the Random Journal Link up, you are an awesome cheerleader!