Thursday, October 4, 2012

In the beginning

"In the beginning, God..."
"In the beginning was the Word...and the Word was with God and the Word was God."

Let's say we don't start with a little story about my life or anyone's life who ever lived but with the One who was in the Beginning.
Let's say we start our own story with His story, which doesn't have a beginning because He was there from the beginning.
Before there was Light, water, earth or fire.
Before there was thought or imagination
Or sin or division

Before there was any love other than His

There was God.

Wrap your minds around that if you can. Let your stories start there. Let your wants and dreams and hopes and longings be tied to the gravitas of this first statement of the Word, which St. John re-iterates to describe the Incarnate: "In the beginning, God." That's all.


We live like we're back in the middle ages. You know what I mean? People thought that the earth was the fixed point in the center of the universe, that the earth was flat, and the sun went from horizon to horizon then somehow put itself to bed until they needed it again. For their needs, wishes and desires.

We do this with God. Like He revolves around us. Like He is there for our benefit, to fix what we need fixing, and far be it that He might ever NOT do what we want. Far be it that we AREN'T the dead-center of the spiritual universe.

In the Beginning, God.

He was there. He is there from the beginning.
He is what our story is all about. Our lives revolve around Him.

Let's start with that.
And maybe it settles us into the life He's given us so that, rather than wanting, straining and never being satisfied,  we think and say and live,
"Yes," and "not my will, but yours," and "So be it," and "thank-you."

Yes, in OUR beginning,

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