Monday, October 22, 2012

Rainy homonyms


Here in the NW
that's an autumn given.
The rain comes.
Showers down on friend 
and foe 
Good and bad
Like it or not, 
we live with it.
Grumble about it, get used to it,
Live with it.

on me, Lord
Shower down 
on me
so that I'm 
changed by the shower 
of your love,
your power,
your goodness,
your strength,
your very presence 
all over my life.
Rain on me
so that I flood
over my banks
 and change the landscape of
the terrain of my world.
Rain on me.

me in, Lord.
Like a horse needs a bit in its mouth,
so I need you
in my thoughts,
in my words,
 in my actions,
in my life
Keep hold 
so that I cannot hurt 
those around me by what isn't you.
Rein me in,
control my very being
so that I only move where YOU
wish me to go.
Rein me in.

Reign in me, Lord.
Sit on the throne of my life
You are my King
My Sovereign,
My Lord.
You are Majesty.
I serve none but you.
Reign in me,
May your Crown be the 
One I bow to,
Your throne
the One
I worship,
Your Name
The One 
I adore.
Not simply in word,
but in my life.
This rained on, reined in, Reigned in day.

Reign in me, 
Holy God.

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Recovering Church Lady said...

Love this rainy day poem! Perfect for this grey and wet day.