Monday, October 29, 2012

With you in the storm

The small wind blowing here in the Northwest keeps me tethered to those on the other coast--and all the way to Chicago-- who are bracing for the great trifecta of storms already causing havoc before the worst even hits.

My hands can't reach, but my prayers stretch to heaven and back to family, friends, and, of course, the countless I don't know and will never meet, who don't know what the next few hours and days will bring.

So we pray. With you. For you, over you. We stand behind you as you're struggling to stand in the force of this wind.

And trust--believe, have faith, KNOW--that God will be with you in the storm, as the Casting Crown song says. He will hold your hand.

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

Yes, we "pray" them through the storm, and we learn to Praise YOU, dear Lord, in the midst of the storms of our lives.
Our hearts are reaching out to those in the path of "Sandy". May God protect, comfort, shelter, and provide for all your need. Amen.