Friday, November 16, 2012

Revising my bucket list

The last time I made a bucket list was almost 4 years ago (I just read through it and the ONLY one I can cross off is "Learn to sew." Still, some of those things don't quite hold now. So halfway through my fifties is probably a good time to revisit this list. So here it is, no particular order.

  1. Visit Finland to see the relatives (with Beve, of course!).
  2. Go to Africa, see the great Rift Valley, Amboseli, the  David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Participate in a ministry. I'd go anywhere on that continent...I have it in my heart.
  3. Return to India, to see the places we lived and worked and first admitted we were in love. But also to see other parts, like Calcutta, the south (where Amy Carmichael worked), Goa on the west coast. There are just so many different cultures in that large sub-continent. But especially go back to Delhi where we ministered, so see what work is still going on.
  4. Follow the missionary journey (s) of Paul...ending up in Rome, as he did, to see the Pieta, the Cistine Chapel, St. Peter's. Of course, such a trip would include a Greek Island to soak up the glorious sun.
  5. Stand on the steps where Jesus faced Pontius Pilate. And visit the olive grove that is Gethsemane, and the wailing wall, and...well, all of it.
  6. See my children settled in careers about which they are passionate and fulfilled.
  7. Cry at their weddings.
  8. Hold my grandchild (ren). *
  9. Know/have interest in/be compelled to return to my novel. Have it succeed and be finally published.
  10. Hear God's voice in a clear, audible way. Just once. Like Saul/Paul or Samuel or anyone of a thousand people. To really hear it outside my own head, so He doesn't sound like me but has His own voice with His own cadence.
*No pressure, JESK!
I don't need to do any of these things, God knows. My life will keep moving. Bucket lists are like that. They should be. I can let my imagination run wild, because the sky's the limit, right?
So what's on your bucket list?

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M said...

I like numbers 1-10, but especially #1.