Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All kinds of stuff

After a very restful few days, I'm not really ready to get back to the routine of posting here. Or even thinking deeply. We had our precious Christmas moment Monday night when our adult children shared so transparently about their hopes and emotions about the year past and the year ahead, their faith and their doubts, that I could hardly sleep for the joy of it. For the joy that Incarnation continually brings to our family. Jesus comes in each of us, between us, and when we sit quietly together, tasting the bread that commemorates His body and drinking the wine (grape juice) that is His blood, I sense Him there. Deeply and truly. Taste and see that He is good, that wrapped in human skin, He saved us so that we can each go out into our lives--in excitement for the new adventures, in expectation for what He will do, for hope that He will meet us--and we will change the world by our being in it.

And that lovely moment carried me through the more silly parts of the day that is Christmas day. I say silly because much of the gift-giving is silly if considered without Him as the foundation of it. I know I get up from my place on the couch of communion and hurry to get the last of the presents wrapped, the stockings filled, the tasks finished. I lose Him in the final push of it all. And though we have a more leisurely pace than we did when our children were small, there are still gifts beneath our tree of a substantial nature, and we wait for them with bated breath. The ones we give and the ones we receive.  And it's all a little silly in comparison to the great big gift He gave.

And I'm fine with that. I'm fine with the disproportionate nature of it all. Fine with paradox that is this holiday. The natural and the sublime wrapped up together. It's just so like the Incarnation itself. Human and God all at once. It's a matter of keeping it in perspective, however. Realizing that no matter how large or small the gifts beneath the tree, we cannot buy what we need most. Not for ourselves nor for those we love. It's not ours to give. We can ask for it, but it's--HE'S--not for sale.

That's all I have to say.
I was blessed this Christmas. As I always am.

And, since I can, I thought I'd post a few pictures of the quilts I've been working on in the last little while. I haven't been as busy this fall, since I spend so much time chasing a puppy around. But he's finally slowing down, so I have high hopes that all those projects awaiting me will become more than just fabric in containers after the new year.

This is a baby quilt I made for the granddaughter of a friend. These were the colors of the nursery. I love the way it turned out. So fresh and clean-looking. It's backed with a white minky fabric, perfect for a baby to play on.

These are the back and front of the quilt I made in honor of our big dog, Jackson. I wanted to show the finished product because I love how it turned out. I used extra pieces of the batik fabric for the back and quilted it with random lines. We've been using it in the back-room when we watch movies. That was where Jackson liked to hole up, especially at the end of his life.
I made this quilt for a gathering of my cousins on the 28th. We were going to have a Christmas letter contest, and this would be the prize, but none of us has managed to write a letter yet. We're like that. So I think we're going to raffle it off...
along with this one. After I finished the plaid quilt, I decided it was a little feminine for some of the younger male cousins, so I decided to whip up this quilt. I got my inspiration from a photo E took of grass and stepping stones on UW's campus. I'd post the photo, but can't figure out how to do that. Anyway, it's only inspired by that photo, not a copy of it. I have to it quilted tomorrow so it's ready to go for the dinner.
And finally, the Christmas tree skirt I made for us this year. It's the same pattern I made for my sister last year. I liked hers so much I used the pattern again, which is something I almost never do.  Beve thought it about time we actually had out own skirt, since I've made them for other people. It took us a long time to get any lights and ornaments on the tree, but at least we had the tree skirt.
NOT a quilt, but the photograph we're going to use for our Christmas card this year. We've been getting so many cards for Grampie as well as us, we decided we needed to explain to his friends what has happened to him in the last year. So for those of you who will not receive our 'snail-mail' greetings, may God meet you in this coming year, may you experience what it means to live Incarnationally--His very presence within you, making you more (more in EVERY WAY) than you can imagine being.
Much love from all the Wileys
Clockwise from left: E, J, SK, Grampie
 Beve and C (not pictured, but definitely present--one taking the picture, one working to make Grampie smile!)


M said...

I miss Gramps :(

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I loved your post...and the quilts! OMGOsh!!! I didn't know that about you! You have quite a talent there...wish I could see them in person. They look absolutely beautiful! Wow! And I love the picture with Grampy. Makes me miss my own sweet Daddy. This was our 2nd Christmas w/o him, and our 6th w/o my Mama. But a lot of my sibling family got together at our house just prior to Christmas, and that was really special...we are trying to carry on the family traditions in our own way. That's what we do in life.
Thank you for being that kind of person too. I appreciate you. Happy New Year.