Sunday, January 20, 2013

Her laugh

24 years ago...
An oath was taken, 
and our country does what it always does 
after a long hard battle,
it celebrated,
As if the difficulties of that battle had never been
A new day dawned,
A house welcomed a new president
A white house welcomed a new member to its large, illustrious family.

I didn't watch George HW Bush take his oath of office.
Because precisely as he took that oath,
a breath was taken,
a cry was uttered,
a cord was cut.
And I was supremely concerned with these things.
"It's a girl," my Beve cried, glad for the surprise.
I couldn't hold her 
but I couldn't hold back my tears either.

The cords was cut
but never severed. 
Not in this Mama's heart.
The promise of that day,
of that tiny "prettiest baby in the nursery"
has been realized in 
laughter, dance and song.
In dress-ups and tea-parties,
in Bible studies and slumber parties, 
musicals and concerts,
in big city lights,
and rural Mexican orphanages.
In worship and in play.

Her Daddy and I have watched, 
and loved this life
for 24 years--
guided her, 
made mistakes,
tried to stay out of His way.

Here she is,
our brightly-lit,
youngest child.
If I could, I'd give every one of you reading this blog
a recording of her voice.
Not singing,
though she does that very well.
Not acting, 
though she's brilliant at that as well,
But laughing.
You can't be within range of my daughter's laugh
without feeling better,
no matter what life has dealt you.

Happy 24th Birthday,
Stephanie Kathryn,
I love you. 

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

How sweet this was...Happy Birthday indeed to your lovely daughter! I'd love to hear her laughter! Perhaps you could record it for us! I love love love to hear my children laughing together. It is the grandest music to my ears ever heard.