Friday, January 4, 2013

The driver-teacher

After that whiny post yesterday, today didn't come a moment too soon. Maybe I needed to take this dive a week ago, and stop my moaning. Enough. ENOUGH. Today is Random Journal Link-up, so who knows what God will reveal from my past to encourage or challenge or exhort. And who knows what God will use from all of the other journals to do the same for those of you who wander over to Dawn's blog for a peek other folks who through art and word and Word.

This journal entry was written in 1998, when my kids were in elementary and middle school, and I was in my second year of seminary across the border in British Columbia at Regent College. Beve was the boys' 9th grade basketball coach at the high school where he's a counselor. I don't need to tell you any more than that.

December 8, 1998
Raced back from Regent to spend 3 1/2 hours in the car, driving my children to various functions. Picking SK up from Tube Time, she asked where J and E were. When I answered that they were at basketball practices, another parent I'd been talking to said, "Sounds like you need another sport." I replied, "No, what I need is another Mom in our house to help with all this driving." Sometimes if feels like that's the sum total of what being a Mom means these days.

I don't have the luxury of time to speculate about what being a woman means for the class on women in ministry, I'm too busy talking to my kids as we drive about what it means to be human, family, Christian, etc. The best conversations I have with my children is while we're captive on the road. I wouldn't trade that, even if I do get tired of the driving. I wouldn't miss dropping them off at school and praying for them as they walk away. I wouldn't miss the open windows into their hearts that happens the first minutes home after school. I have been formed by such times as much as they have. I no longer know who I'd be without them. But I know that all our home-schooling friends underestimate how much teaching I (or any parent who drives a car full of their own kids) get to do....or maybe I should say, how much learning we do together.


Dawn Paoletta said...

Here is what is funny about this- I was thinking how much my girl discloses when we drive...and right before bed.
Thank you for sharing as always- you lend such great insight with your perspective. SO glad you wrote it and shared it here!

Dawn said...

I love this--it's so true...those little, often otherwise overlooked moments, gifts of time with our kids just driving here and there in the car! I know our most meaningful conversations between my son and I have been just there--in the car! Maybe because we each have the other's full, focused attention for a change, rather than the distractions of home or friends or wherever we might be. In the car, it's just us =0)

Recovering Church Lady said...

You really are good at seeing the joy moments in life. I used to love/hate the long school commute I did. Both beautiful and frustrating memories.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I love this...this past year I had the joy and privilege of driving with my youngest son (age 35) to and from work for a couple of months. Now that he has a different job and is driving himself...I miss that time with him. There was a lot of laughter and honest moments shared. I will treasure them in my heart. I hope he does too. Thank you for sharing this. special memories indeed.