Monday, March 11, 2013

Two are better than one

My sisters were in town this last weekend. Here we are on Saturday morning--laughing before we'd even dressed for the day. We had our requisite tea at the lovely Abbey Tea Garden (it's a requirement if you come to visit us!), and went down to the bay for a meal where we could watch the boats and gulls and sun setting on the water. It was a harbinger of spring up here in the northwest, but LD, my middle sister (the one on the right), felt chilled to the bone all weekend. She says her thermostat isn't working very well; I think she's just used to the warmth of southern California. LD was only here for 48 hours--and was pleased with how exact that was. RE (the one in the middle--our youngest sister) is here for the week.

Which leads me to what we're doing this week. RE came over to make a king-sized quilt for the woman who did the flowers for her daughters' weddings. Small towns are wonderful things. People do things for others because they know you, have long-standing relationships with you and, "Of course you won't pay me for that!" So ever since those weddings, RE has wanted to do something special for her. So here she is. I got out two of my machines, pulled out two tables, complete with cutting mats, and we've been at it. Fourteen hours today. I'm NOT kidding. We're calling it the sweatshop: our machines running side-by-side, a little conversation between us, just piecing and piecing and cutting and piecing some more. We came within a stones throw of finishing all the squares today too. You'd think that 14--er, 28--hours would be enough. But my arthritic lower back finally gave up the ghost, long after my bum leg had stopped complaining and retreated into complete paralysis. RE and I are nothing if not stubborn, however, and we just couldn't help trying to finish. But with 11 squares to go, I had to call it a night. I have to be able to walk tomorrow when we lay out this huge quilt, manipulate square placement and begin putting it together.  The goal is to finish it this week and there are a whole lot of steps ahead of us yet.

Working with someone is a powerfully good way to move more quickly, I discovered today. I can sew pretty fast on my own, can make quilt tops easily enough, but doing it with someone makes it a communal thing. Obviously I'm not the first one to discover this. As far back as Ecclesiastes, the writer knew it, "Two are better than one, for there is more reward for their toil."  It's a joy to learn this with my sister. And to know that, like most of my quilts, this one we make together will be given as a gift of love and thanksgiving.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I really need to get some sleep.


Pamela M. Steiner said...

You sisters are so blessed to have that time together! What fun! I hope you will post a picture of the finished quilt before it is given away! I love your morning outfits too. I am in my flannel pants as soon as I hit the floor in the morning. I have to take them off to go to work,but as soon as I get home they go right back on again. I live in Florida, and it is starting to get too warm to wear them, but I love them so much I hate to let them go. I may have to turn the AC on really cold! LOL! Thanks for letting us join you for the weekend!

krystal lynn said...

This phot has captured a glow in all three of you, it is a wonderful photograph. I have a lovely sister too, can't imagine life without her.