Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quilting projects

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of my obsession most recent quilts. But since I just got a GIANT monkey off my back last night in the form of one I've had sitting around for over a year, it's a good time.

1. This quilt now belongs to a baby in my family, born in February who is growing bigger by the day and I still having seen him (though I'm hoping to on the 22nd, when I have to be down in Seattle...will that work for you guys, L and E?).
2. I posted this already but couldn't resist. My sister's friend loves it, took it right home, put in on her bed, thus rendering unnecessary the beautiful bag RE made for it.
3. Beve asked me to make a second set of couch covers, and this is what I came up with. The green matches the color of our living room walls. They were more work than I'd do again for something so utilitarian. But that's how I roll.
4. A simple cover I made for the large ottoman in our TV room. Kincade likes to jump or sprawl on the ottoman while we watch movies (and just barely fits!), and was gouging up the leather, so this is a pretty good solution.
 5. This was made for a good friend and colleague of Beve's who has been battling cancer. Not a fancy pattern but the colors are rich and completely complement his home. By the way, I chose the photo because you can see my workhorse quilting machine in the background. I also have Bernina that purrs like a kitten.                   
6. But this has been the quilt that's been giving me fits. It's the 7th t-shirt quilt I've made. In fact, the quilt I started on when I took up this hobby was a T-shirt quilt for E. And I hadn't the faintest idea of how one actually made a t-shirt quilt. If I had--cut all the pieces exactly the same sizes, for instance, like any sane person, it would be a whole lot easier. But it's hard, hard work. A puzzle without a key. Then I increased the degree of difficulty by adding three or four different fabrics to the mix, and couldn't (for the life of me) allow dark blue to touch dark blue, etc. Oh the pain of it all. Then to square it up. Yikes.
So I have had these t-shirts for a year. Yes, an entire year without finishing this quilt for a colleague of Beve's.  
I'm not sure I'll EVER do another T-shirt quilt.
But I sure love the way it turned out...

I have about 5 other quilt tops that need to be finished, but I can't show them off yet. They're gifts and I don't want to take the chance that the recipients might see them here.

Now, back to my machine.
It really is an obsession.


M said...

Never say never (or ever), Aunt C! Who knows what your next t-shirt quilt will be like!

Anonymous said...

C- You show us quilts but don't tell us who won... Ruth