Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wherever you go

It's been a long time since I've written about one of my daughters. They've been living their lives, going about their business. You know, single twenty-something women who enjoy life, each other, their friends and all that such a time as this offers to them. They both love the Lord, seek Him in their decisions, want to please Him, and honor us in ways that are appropriate. Sometimes it's harder for us to remember that they're as old as they are and that such ways ARE appropriate. We tend to give them advice far more often that we should. It's a learning process, this letting our kids grow up.

But I've been thinking about our older daughter, E, this morning. Thinking about the path she's been on in the last decade.  When E began looking at colleges and universities to attend after high school, her interest was aimed at those with good Physical Therapy programs. Since middle school biology she'd been interested in human anatomy and that interest grew as she played sports in high school and, simultaneously, worked in the training room. After doing a course called "Health Care Services," she did an 'externship' with a company that makes prosthetic limbs and was fascinated by it all.

But, rather than going to one of the many universities with such programs, she was given the opportunity to play two more years of basketball at the local community college. This trumped everything, though I have to admit I wasn't supportive of that decision. I come from a very academic family, and she'd been accepted to a wide range of very good schools, so to go to a community college didn't sit well with me.  However, looking back, it's easy to see God's hand at work. She got two years of free education, became very involved in student leadership, got to play the sport she loved competitively for two more years, and, the course of her life began to change.

By the time she left, she was no longer interested in physical therapy. She loved the kind of event and leadership planning she'd done, so decided to pursue Sport Management. At the university she attended, she worked in the Sports Information Office, writing press-releases for specific sports, and helping at football games. She loved it. Two and a half years later, she was at an Internship at the Olympic Training Facility, working with USA wrestling, through the 2008 Olympics. She loved that too, and would probably still be there had there been a job for her afterwards.

The economy crashed, Sport Media jobs were hard to come by, so she got a job. Not a career, just a job. And talked to people in sport management who told her a Masters Degree would help her get where she wanted. So two years ago, she went back to school. In December, she finished a Masters Degree In Communication in Digital Media.

During her last term she got an internship at the local NBC affiliate in Seattle. Then in January, they asked her  to come back as a temporary employee because some people had left in the digital media department. A few weeks ago, after a lengthy process, she was offered a full-time position as Producer of Digital Media.

That's a long story, huh?  And a winding road. She's become a news junkie, in a position she couldn't have imagined when she was 17 years old, about to graduate from high-school. She wouldn't have wanted to imagine it. She wasn't very interested in current events then. I don't even remember her paying attention to the news.

But God led her down the path slowly. He guided her steps at exactly the right pace. The other day Beve and I sat in King-5's news room for a little while watching her work. It's a wild and crazy dimly lit place, cluttered with computers, noise and activity. People talking across the room to each other, people eating at their desks, peering over each other's shoulders. No cubicles here, it's more like one giant organism where all the cells might have different functions but all work together so that the whole lives.

A lot of people I know knew what their lives would look like by the time they took their first steps. They were born into such lives and wouldn't have it any other way. Others made their career choices early and never wavered. My mother was like this. She knew at seven that she'd become a teacher. Still others kind of fall into a profession by default--they follow the family path, so to speak. My family, for instance, is rife with engineers. And two of my siblings became engineers because of this, without really being 'called' to engineering.

But there are those who are moved from one thing to the next to the next until they land where they have always meant to be. E is like this. My sister-in-law who is now a very good elementary school teacher is another. Their whole journey has had purpose, of course. Nothing in the Kingdom is wasted. And sometimes God uses a person in one position for a season, then moves them.

My point is that whatever our circuitous journey, we can be sure that if we follow Him, He will lead us in the way that we are to go.

"...Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1: 9

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, "This is the way, walk in it."  Isaiah 30: 21


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