Monday, May 27, 2013

Busy in the best way.

I've been busy. really, Really, REALLY busy. 
While in the middle of making this:

queen-sized quilt for my brother's birthday (last Friday), Thyrza was here for a week, and her daughter Sandy asked about my quilting. And because she's been under so much stress caring for Thyrza, and because we've been in it with her for so long, I felt instantly mortified that I'd never made a quilt for Sandy. So I put aside BB's quilt, pulled fabric from my stash and made this:

Started it on a Friday, finished it on Tuesday night, 
washed and dried it in time for them to carry back to Baltimore 
(where the temperature is in the 90s, not exactly quilt weather).

Went back to BB's quilt,
and did the actual quilting with him sitting beside me
watching his Boston Bruins beat some team in some 
NHL play-off game. By the way, hockey's inscrutable.

BB (with his 'play-off' beard)

But also busy going here
to celebrate BB's birthday. 
Getting here was no mean feat because we live north of where the now infamous bridge 
went down. But we're nothing if not intrepid (besides, most of the traffic was headed North when we were trying to go south), and we had a wonderful fish-y dinner.

When I say we, I include
A table with Lake Union out the window
My two lovely adult daughters, SK and E
My niece and her adorable family.

All of us.
If you look closely, you can see the Space Needle in the background.

And finally, gladly, busy with these
beautiful babies who are my great-niece and nephews.
That's right, my sister and brother are grandparents now. 
We're looking at a whole new generation in our family. 
I find them adorable. Ridiculously, endlessly adorable.
I can hardly wait to see who they'll become.
And you see how smiley these three generations of my family are here?
It's because I was busy.
Busy making an absolute idiot of myself.
And I'm not afraid to say so. 
I was playing peek-a-boo behind my nephew's kitchen island. 
Waving my arms like a lunatic. 
It's hard work to make babies smile (or even look) at the camera.
But in the process, 
I inadvertently made every adult smile more naturally
than in any photo on record.

So worth it.
Yep, absolutely worth it.

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