Friday, May 17, 2013

Not defining, but being His

So I write.
I'm almost never at a loss for words. My fingers can fly across the keys faster than my mouth can move, and trust me, my mouth can move pretty fast. My family always reminds me that I'm a 'hand-talker', that if I had to sit on my hands in a conversation, it'd be a great mute button. Still, I write. Always have plenty to say.
But in the last few days, as I've been pondering the words of a devotional I read a few days ago, I find myself deleting more than creating.

This morning it hits me that there's no need to re-invent the wheel. If the short paragraph cut so sharply through the layers of my 20-21st century self, why shouldn't it do the same to those who read this blog?
So I simply copy the words from my well-worn Celtic Daily Prayer.

May 14th
"If you had asked Peter for a good, clear definition of what an Apostle was, and what the duties of and Apostle were, he would have had to answer, "I don't have the faintest idea...all I know is that I am one! Watch me and find out!" The label--the name--was there only as a means to describe what those men already were. The title sought to proclaim what they had already been doing...organically. The name by which they were called only described what the Holy Spirit had already done in them! So what were the twelve? They were men who lived in the conscious presence of Christ. Furthermore, the Apostles had developed a 'habit' during over three years with Jesus--the habit of always being in the Lord's presence--and they kept the habit even after He ascended! Is that impossible? No, it is not. Eight years after Pentecost the Apostles were still experiencing that same intimate relationship with Christ. They were still living constantly in His presence."        Gene Edwards                                                      

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

Ah! There's that word again, "Presence" one word for 2013...practicing the "presence" of God in my life...noticing Him and acknowledging Him in the most unexpected and unusual places. Thank you for this reminder of my search for God's Presence...some times I get off track and need to be prodded back in the groove.