Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Seeking You

In the quiet, Lord,
I seek you.
Garden of Gethsemane.
Photo by John Mason

Divided flesh, 
stone cold bones,
loves of this earth,
my own face in the mirror
Yet you call me to
seek you with 
all my heart.

Five minutes awake,
hunger for food,
even theories about you,  
chasing of self
crowd you out
but I
seek you with 
all my soul.

Business, random,
even intellect,
prisms of self
shatter when
I seek you with
all my mind.

As weak as I am,
as sorry a state,  
at your mercy,
a pauper without you 
in body as in life,
I glory to 
seek you
with all my strength.

1 comment:

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Well...this was certainly inspired! Thank you for sharing...I understand and agree in my spirit with this passage today. Thank you.