Monday, June 3, 2013

California, here I come...

I'm on my way to Ventura, CA Wednesday to celebrate the high school graduation of the boy in this picture (via Seattle tomorrow where I have to have a rather unpleasant medical test. Better not think about it!) This boy, my middle sister's younger son (the one on the far right), is now a strapping 6'1" 18 year-old, our parents' youngest grandchild. RE (the one on the left) and I will meet in SeaTac airport and be ready to party in the low-key way we do. In this picture, taken over 3 years ago in San Francisco, I'd forgotten my "Sisters" t-shirt so I stick out like an orange...well, orange, I guess.
RE reminded me tonight to be sure to pack it.
As usual I'd forgotten.

All this to say, I won't be near my computer for the next few days.

PS. Interesting fact: I was born in California. And when I was a child taking long road trips  with my family, we sang songs to pass the time. "California, here I come," was one we sang every now and then. Not often, but when we did, I always felt like only my older brother and I should really be able to sing it, because we were the only ones who'd actually 'started' there. Just like my middle sister thought that the chorus of the Battle Hymn of the Republic was actually about her: "Laurie, Laurie Hallelujah!"

Ah, the things kids think.

See you Sunday.

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