Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My latest trip

My trip to California was wonderful. As always, it was a trip TO someone (s), FOR something, and WITH people. With my sister, RE, to our sister LD and her sons, for her younger son's high school graduation. We managed to celebrate him, eat our way through the county, enjoy the scenery and do some of our favorite things together.

At KCK-2's high school graduation. He's the one playing the keyboards. Rockin' out with the senior choir to " 'Aint No Mountain High Enough..." He'd told us that he thought he was going to play a different instrument but at the last moment, he was put on the keyboard.
"What instrument?" his brother asked.
"Do you even play trumpet?"
"I can fake it," he said. This nephew usually plays tuba. And some baritone, trombone, flugelhorn. And piano, of course. Well enough to rock out to a song of his choice, with a stadium of people singing background. It was pretty cool, if you ask this unbiased aunt.

These brothers are as close as my daughters, as close as I am to my sisters. It's very cool to watch. It wasn't so long ago that the older one called the younger (much smaller) one "annoying" at every turn. The older one, KCK-1, just graduated from Berkeley in May has a real, adult job and a real adult apartment right in San Francisco. I think he's going to take care of all of us when we are old. KCK-2 is off to UC Davis in September, has his mind set on...well, so many things he can't settle yet. When I look at them I can hardly believe they're so tall and old. Growing up and becoming friends is good.

Yep, growing up and becoming friends is good. My sisters and I had our requisite afternoon tea at a very frilly tea place in Thousand Oaks, CA. We aren't easy to please after all our shared teas, and this was a scrumptious one. Really. We only wore the hats long enough for the picture, but they sure look darling on us, don't they? I'm the tan one, by the way. I've always tanned just by stepping out into the sun while RE (in the white hat) can't get a tan to save her life. However, RE, who is short like me, and is married to a not-tall man, has the tallest kids. So go figure. Funny thing about genetics, huh?

Now, for some of my favorite pictures of the rest of my trip:
At the Santa Barbara Zoo:


giraffes and their babies!!!
LD and her lovely boys
At the beach!
RE contemplating the waves (with a seagull).
And now I'm gladly home. 


M said...

My mom would love to wear one of those hats. And not just for the picture. Sigh.

But I'm with you -- the animals would be my favorite too.

E said...

Sad to have missed such a fun weekend.