Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A few things...

Our washing machine broke. Yep, broke to bits. We were oh-so-proud of this washing machine when we bought it ten years ago this month. When we moved into this new old house, we finally bought the Cadillac of front loaders. And boy, have we loaded them up. Day after day, week after week, load after dirty, stinkin' load. Fixed the washed twice, listened to it rumble as it began its descent down broke-back mountain (yes, I'm using that wrong!) to where it crashed in a heap of 'it'll cost more to repair than to buy a new one.' That's where we found ourselves this week. THIS WEEK.

Right after we bought a new refrigerator. LAST week. Sigh. Can I just say this summer in which we aren't traveling is turning out to be pretty pricey already.

I have a boat-load of quilts to finish. An actual boatload. That is, enough to cover a whole crew of shrimpers. We decided to completely re-arrange our house so I actually have a picture of the whole pile. To wit:
I don't know if you see them clearly enough, but there are EIGHT quilts on my sewing table to be finished. And all those bins? They're projects waiting my attention. But this isn't an obsession. Really. I promise. (By the way, Beve told me last night he LOVES the color of this room, which makes me feel good, since it's my favorite color!)

We have piles of belongings and 'treasures' all over the house. E is about to move into her first (owned) home this weekend, so in honor of that, I've been destashing. Dividing up my treasures and giving them to my girls. (J told me, "NOT IT!" when I asked who wanted to play). I'm trying hard to reduce the amount of stuff we have. Beve said, "I don't care what you give them," and I took him at his word. It's crazy how large my stash has gotten. Why do I need so many glasses? All these crystal plates? Ridiculous. It's just stuff.

SK is being flown to the bay area for a job interview Monday. She says she feels like a real grown-up. I can hardly believe it myself. My baby is an adult, with real adult responsibilities and adult dreams. And she's really leaving in less than a month. Hopefully--God willing!!--with a job to confirm what she believes: that He goes before her in this great San Francisco Bay adventure.
But I will really miss this beautiful face (as will the Springer who loves to cuddle with her!).

We begin our summer visits next week. Some here, some there. It'll be a flurry. 
I hope we'll be ready. Beve and SK painted the living room over the weekend but Beve has a list a mile long of other things he wants to accomplish before our company arrives.

This happened, though. And we've had plenty of sunny days to enjoy it. It's exactly what the doctor ordered for me and my bum leg, neck and arm. Not to mention my spirit. Ah, the life-giving properties of water. Don't you think that is why God gave us baptism--because He knows how much we are restored, renewed, made new creatures in water? It's not science but common sense.

Filled up and ready to watch the sunset over Bellingham Bay. I'm telling you, it's cheap entertainment. 

SK, you sure you want to give this up?


M said...

Oh, man! THE POOL! Miss that place. Miss you all, too.

I think SK will have the time of her life in CA. Happy to hear she has so exciting plans! :)

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I am so sorry about your washing machine...can't live without THAT! I understand how stuff happens in bunches...we've kind of had a year of that already. Seems like as soon as we save a little aside for something "fun", something breaks down and takes the "fun" money. Ah, but your pool looks inviting! What a great idea...I haven't allowed myself to think of that one yet...maybe would feel good to the old joints and muscles...maybe I can talk the Dr. into prescribing it?
Thanks for sharing. You are not alone in your 'struggles'!

Rich Crain said...

Today, for the first time ever, I did something on or in the water that I didn't enjoy. Paddle boarding. The muscles in my quads and hips got very tired trying to balance. And there is no way to rest unless you get off. Sorry, to hear about the appliance wars.

jeskmom said...

Rich, I can't imagine I'd like paddle boarding, either. It doesn't even sound fun (don't you have to been your knees a little just to stay on? Horrible position, though perfect for Beve and his brothers!).