Monday, July 22, 2013

An adventure with her name on it

I've been a real slacker about blogging lately. We've been so busy conversing, eating and just hanging with our friends that I've barely touched my computer in a week. It's been a sweet respite with these dear people, all friends of long-standing. First one couple, whom we reconnected with when, as a college student, E was in the church they pastored. They've moved to Texas now, but made our house a stop on their great NW journey. And we were glad to have them lay their heads here for a night. Glad to share old stories and new ones with them, to show them Bellingham Bay both from our front patio and up-close and personally as we walked along the lapping tide.  They're in the middle of a sea-change themselves, and it was an honor to listen to the story of how they've come to this moment, to see what God might be doing to prepare them for the next adventure with their names on it.

The rest of the week we hosted the two couples we see each summer, old friends who have now become indispensable friends. There's a rhythm to our time together. Each speaks of what the past year has been--materially, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally--and each speaks of what hopes and worries lie ahead. There's a transparency that comes only with the best of friends. Beve and I have found this with two other couples in the years of our marriage (and of course, I have it with my sisters!). It's true community. People should have it, I know instinctively. And I wonder why they don't die without it, just as they would die without water or air. That's what such friendship is like. I value such community in exactly the same way. If I could, I'd have all these couples--these two and the others Beve and I also SOOO need--live on a cul de sac with us so we could share life daily. Like it was the 1930s and we had to share food in order to make it stretch to feed us all.

 This brings me to SK. She's been living with us this last year. Young women (and men) often end up back at home after college, the economy being what it is and her degree not being the most marketable in the world (theater...but mine was English Lit. so I'm not pointing fingers!). She found a job, found a few friends, cobbled a life together. But it hasn't been the life of which she dreamed when she left home at 18. She loves Mama and Daddy but we aren't the community for which she longs. And she definitely longs for community. So she began praying. And I'm pretty sure her college roommate down in the San Francisco Bay area was also praying, because by the time SK came home from a visit to CJ in October, she told us she felt like she was supposed to move there.

SK has watched us move by faith more than once in the course of her life. She's watched us trust God to make the way when there seems to be no way, to open doors where the world sees only walls. She believed that about her own college--that one school was the right one, and no matter what the cost, God would provide. And He did. So here too, she stepped out. Began to plan. By the spring, she'd told her boss she'd work through July, then move, with or without a job waiting, live with CJ, and trust God. Yes, trust Him to be God.

But she didn't simply sit on the couch and wait for Him to do all the work while she watched TV. SK scoured the Bay area craigslist for jobs, sent out resumes, applied for all kinds of things. Lately she's had all kinds of nibbles. A couple of jobs fell througgh because she wasn't available for onsite interviews. Others didn't work out because skype-interviews are still a little out of the box. But she was flown down to an interview last week, for a job almost like the one she's doing now, at a location just five minutes away from where she'll be living. Is that God or what?

Today she accepted that job. Her living and working situation have fallen into place. More importantly, God confirmed that what SK believed to be His leading IS Him leading. It's an adventure with her name on it. He's out ahead of her, getting everything ready.

It does a Mama's heart good to see this, to know that she is faithful to Him and that He who is faithful has called her. I can hardly wait to see what shall come in this next season.

PS. Remind me to tell you of how faithful God has been to E as well. Buying a condo all on her own, having a professional life. Yep, our girls are being launched, and it's good.

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

Happy for your girls, esp. SK at this time in her life. I understand about those leaps of faith, etc., been there done that over and over...God is faithful to meet our needs in one way or another...often in ways we never expected, but always good. I'm praying the same thing for two of my sons right now who could use a boost from God's boot of faith. In His time I know He will provide what they need. In the meantime, they are safe and we are thankful.
Thank you for sharing this with us. Blessings to you today.