Friday, July 5, 2013

Mama's prayer

I missed last month's journal link-up because I was off partying with my sisters in Southern California. We're quite the partiers, too.  High tea, a graduation, and a trip to the zoo. Yep, we're a wild and crazy bunch. Anyway, back at the ranch (-style house), it's now July 5th. We had an electric group of people here yesterday. Most were self-invited, which is the coolest thing because it means our ranch has a welcome sign on its forehead, a 'drop-on-in, we'll find you a chair" kind of home. This is exactly what Beve wanted in a home and he's created it, probably a whole lot more than I have.

ANYWAY, Random Journal Link-up is over at my blogging friend Susie's place today. After you read this (or before, if you'd like--but come on back afterwards), head over there with one click on the words Random Journal Link-up.

The blue notebook I pulled today is from the spring of 2006. Oddly, I could write practically the same words today, especially the first line:
March 18, Saturday
E leaves today. She might even say, "go home." She has a life there, more of a life than she ever really had here, except right in this house with us. We're important to her, but she's always ready to go, leaving a day early, looking more ahead than behind. I would wish it otherwise for myself. But not for her. I'm glad she's finding and following the path laid out FOR HER. Not one I might have dreamed up (I somehow expected science or math in her future!), but she's exactly where she should be. It's in her enthusiasm, her growing community, in her plans and decisions (which is organic to who God made her to be).
Of course I want more for her. For each of them [my kids]. I want E to seek Him wholeheartedly, to hunger for His word and lace every decision with prayer. I want her prone-to-serve life and being like Martha to have Mary moments, to sit at His feet for no other reason than to be with Him.

E's driving back to her life in Seattle this morning, where she loves her job, her community and is a week away from becoming a home-owner. And I can see how all her choices back in college have borne fruit. She's exactly where she should be. And I love that. But, of course, I'm her mother and myself, and I want more for her. So these words stand today.

And I could (and probably did) write similar words about SK, who will drive a full-to-the-gills 'Gladys' (her Subaru) down I-5 to the Bay area next month. She'll begin a new life, a city life, and she will thrive, this city-girl of ours.

My girls call me Mama. So the words of this entry, I think, are my 'Mama's prayer.'


Recovering Church Lady said...

This is a wonderful RJD post! I can really relate and you might get something out of a similar experience my husband had a few years ago....He was "praying"/complaining to God about our eldest son's financial and life choices he was making. When God asked my hubs a question, which seldom happens. God asked, "Don't you want B to live a better life than yours?"
Then Hubs felt that God told him that if his son did everything exactly like Hubs and done it, his life would not be better or different at all.
Ouch! He knew that our son will need to make different choices from what Hubs would choose.
We still remind ourselves of this God-Talk!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

WE all go through these "Mama's Prayers" as we watch our kids go from being children into adults. It's never easy for us OR them. But it is something we have to let happen, yes, encourage to happen in the natural cycle of life. Thank you for this post today. WE can hold each other up in our "Mama's prayers."

Dawn Paoletta said...

Oh, so glad you are linked up this round! I missed your portion last month for sure! But I admire that you seem to be able to hold loosely. It feels so hard to do that when you see no fruit...but walking by faith and yes, the Mama's prayers...are you ever going to share your book? Your writing style would make such a good Fiction read...just wondering. Hmmm...anyhooo- thanks for linking! ;)