Saturday, August 10, 2013

Just this:

People always tell me how much they look alike. 
But I'm always seeing their differences.
The creative passion of the one,
the rock-steady organization of the other,
the theatrical voices,
the musical laugh of
the younger,
the sports-loving, 
mind of
the older.
But then I see these 'seesters'
(as my younger daughter calls them)
and am struck
by how alike they are,
how lovely they are,
inside and out.

It takes years to grow 
into women--
but they've made it, and
made it well!
Even so, 
 I call them 'the girls'
when they're 40 and 44,
I hope they'll understand
that to me,
they'll always be 
my girls, 
my babies, 
my daughters.


Pamela M. Steiner said...

You are doubly blessed!!!!!! Beautiful young women! Thank you for sharing their smiling faces with us! Made me smile!

E said...

Thanks Mom!