Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seeing me in the stars

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rather than climb back out of bed, I thought I'd share something I got in my inbox yesterday, something that will go straight into my journal tomorrow. About a year ago, my siblings and I started writing round robin letter/emails to each other on our birthdays. We used to make sure we called on those days, but there's somethings better about these notes, about saying what we need to say in front of God and each other, telling--for all our immediate world to see--what we appreciate about those who share(d) our last name, our bed room (at times), our parents.

It was a year of great blessing for each of us. About every other month there was someone to write about (at least for the first half of the year). I learned that my siblings are a creative bunch, with personalities clear and true that shine straight through their writing. Not surprisingly, of course.
This year, it's been our practice to write comparing the birthday girl (or boy) to a sport, activity, food group or something. Extend the metaphor to suit the person. My middle sister, who has an astronomer for a boyfriend, came up with the star idea for me: the constellation most like me. I chuckled when I saw this. Just the other day, I told someone I'd have to spend every night with my head pressed in a book in order to learn the stars, so this constellation thing feels a little ironic.
Still I liked what they wrote enough to share it with you, even without the blue notebook, or my own thoughts about any of them. They stand alone.

Hey, Carolyn!

This is it, the big day, your special day! Day of piles of presents, balloons, cake & candles, being treated well and feasted and celebrated!  Champagne and cherries!  OK, maybe a couple of emails and a casual "Happy birthday, Mom."  Maybe that sums it up!  But I hope you feel special and appreciated.  That's what I hope!

I would say you are Ursa Major, the Big Dipper. OK, it's a boring one, everyone knows it -- for many people, it's maybe the only constellation they know.  But you are the Big Dipper because, like it, you are always pointing to the north, and you are always guiding (and counseling) people, and you're the first one your family thinks of when we need help.  Always shining brightly for us.  Just like the Big Dipper!  (I like the long stretches -- more challenging.)

So there you go, people, pick the constellation that is most like Carolyn! Or that Carolyn is most like.  (OK, OK, pick a sport -- there's got to be some fertile ground there.)

Love always,



I am not very good at constellations, not having learned many nor having a boyfriend who is an astronomer, but here goes…

You are Orion’s belt, stay with me I think I can make this work, the belt symbolizes strength and stability, both of which we all lean on you for.  In may ways you are the strongest person I know, your life through pain is a lesson in humility and grace.  You are getting it done, and within the life of pain you have become an artist; I dare anyone who has seen your quilts to disagree with me! 

Enjoy your birthday; know that those of our family who have gone before you are proud of you, love you and rejoice at the important place you are in our family, strength and stability for all of us.  Just as we love you, are proud of you and rejoice with you and for you!

Love, Ruth

PS: Thank you for your time this weekend, always having a place for me!  It was great.  And Marlene had an absolutely wonderful visit!

Carolyn -

Glad I have creative siblings. I had nothing yesterday so I just dropped the note on Facebook. 

I'll pick Canis Major, because of your love of dogs (not implying you are one). Also, it includes Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. You are often that in a group, in a good way. Your love of people and Jesus always shines. I've seen it even when you're holding your face trying to keep your head from exploding. 

I thought about picking Cassiopeia (hooray for Apple word completion) because it is a crooked W, and I always liked saying it. But a constellation named after a vain queen of Greek mythology didn't seem like you. And you are only physically crooked. 

Happy Birthday again!


Ps. Final move to my apartment today. Dayle's been working on it, buying stuff, since Monday. 

 Happy birthday BS!

I know the suspense was killing you so here you go: the Milky Way. I know it is a galaxy, but I don't care. It works for me. I'm the midst of all the darkness of night you not only have many bright points that make a wonderful tapestry but there's also a lot of just 'hazy brightness' that holds it all together. And sometimes that's even better. You never know when something brilliant will come along. I'm glad your my sister. Actually I'm glad you're all my siblings. 

There you go!  Have a great year


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Pamela M. Steiner said...

Wow! What a wonderful birthday present from your siblings! Amazing similes. (is that a word?) You are a bright and shining star for all of us here in blogland too! Thank you for this great idea. I may try this with my family, but not sure they would know what to do with it...Ha ha.
Blessings dear friend.

Dawn Paoletta said...

OH WOW! Happy Birthday, you, you, STAR you! These are fantastic...they have no problem expressing themselves, must be a gene! AND wow, I want to move closer to you and take hold of all of that wise counsel and strength! Well, I am grateful for you, Carolyn and although I stink at astronomy (dropped it in college) but I stare up and admire those amazing beauties when I take my dog out for business nightly...Ahem. Anyhooo...thank you for this and I love the idea!

quietspirit said...

Wow! Carolyn, you are well-loved by your siblings. Happy birthday to you.

Kel Rohlf said...

Great siblings are scattered...maybe we will try this some time...I love how your family celebrated and gave you special affirmations on your special day! Happy Birthday!