Sunday, September 8, 2013

Right this moment

Have you ever thought about the fact that at any given moment you're actually thinking of about five or ten or a hundred things at once? No, just me? Hmmm.

Well, I do this. All the time.
And because I live with him and can point fingers well, I know that Beve does the same thing. It leads to complications in conversations. We'll be chatting about something. like the coach of the Seattle Seahawks, then after a very short pause, he'll say, "and you know he immigrated twice." And I'll say, "WHAT? Pete Carroll immigrated?" "No, I was talking about Gabe," the person we'd been talking about BEFORE he took the left turn onto the subject of Pete Carroll. It goes both ways, of course. I'm just as likely to assume he's followed my train of thought when he got off at the last station and is looking around at the scenery a bit.

Yep, our minds wander. Neither one of us is a linear thinker. So at any given moment, the kinds of things I'm thinking about ranges from ridiculous to sublime and back again.

To wit, right this minute I'm thinking about:

  • where I put my neck pillow so I can be more comfortable as I'm sitting in bed writing this
  • Remembering to pay that bill tomorrow morning
  • the friend whose dad (a pretty public figure in our hometown) whose dad died last week
  • why Maica feels the need to press hind end right up against my clean body 
  • how SK's doing and why we didn't skype with her this weekend as we'd intended to
  • that Jesus was a story-teller and at least part of the reason I'm so in love with Him is because He made me a story-teller, too. I respond to them, I like them, and I get them.
  • That, as the pastor said this morning, sometimes words really aren't good enough. How do I describe color or size or distance or so much of creation to a person who cannot see?
  • blind am I to God's REAL presence in creation, in life, in conversation? Is He just too vast, to blinding colorful and large for me to see?
  • What book should I start tonight
  • Needing a dentist appointment
  • How E's fun-run went (tutu and all)
As you see, right in the middle of ordinary tasks thoughts are some real reflections. 
My goal is to keep all these things in the right perspective, so that the small things--the list things--are simply that with no special weight, and allowing those things God reveals to enlarge and take over so I am less blind to Him, in all my doings.

That's it. 
That's all I'm thinking about right this moment.
Have a good night.

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