Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pressed and prodded with a pink carnation on top

I had an appointment. Let's be clear about that. I'm like that. I mark things on my calendar, keep track, know what's coming. I have all kinds of card-catalogs in my brain, too. This one might have snuck up on me but I made the appointment just the same. So when I walked into the Mammogram clinic this afternoon, I wasn't expecting party favors and cupcakes, balloons and hand-massages. For me it was just one more thing to cross off the yearly "Has to be done" list. Those of you who live in my zip-code, in gender and chronology know what I mean (or should!!!).

But this is Breast Cancer Awareness month. And at our clinic, each Friday of October is like Mardi Gras for all who walk through the doors. A cheap pink necklace given by the technician upon completion of the stretching and flattening buys entrance to a large conference room where women oozing delight and camaraderie swarm, handing out goodie bags, complete with pink water--whatever that might taste like. Red velvet cupcakes frosted high with cream cheese frosting sat on a long table in the middle of the room. I have to tell you, I'm not usually a 'red velvet' kind of gal. It has no real taste that my plebeian taste buds can discern, and though I adore cream cheese in any form, it no longer returns the favor. Instead it makes my mouth and throat itch. However, stacking appointments this morning, I'd had an ultra-sound prior to the mammogram, and hadn't been allowed to eat anything since last night. And it was almost 2 PM by then. So those red velvet cupcakes looked like heaven in a paper wrapper to me. So much I might have eaten two, but I'm not admitting anything. And I definitely plowed through a breakfast bar full of raisins like I'd been waiting for it all my life (and I HATE raisins!). Then I let a well-coiffed woman whose name tag identified her as a Mary Kay representative give me a quick hand massage with the Satin Hands lotion--a product worthy of its name. I talked a bit with a couple of jewelry representatives, was handed a carnation (pink, of course), congratulated for my wise choice of getting my boobs squished and adjusted, then I left. A little bewildered by it all.
"Tell everyone you know," a woman said as I walked out the door. "Remind your friends that though it won't prevent cancer, the sooner and more regularly you get tested, the better your chances will be IF you do get it."

So since you--all of you--are everyone I know, I thought I'd tell you.
It only aids. Give more information exactly where more information is needed.
And...if you play your cards right, there might be a pink carnation at the end of your mammogram.
If not, at least there will be a sense that you did something good, that you're taking good steps.
Wise steps.

This post was brought to you by
National Breast Cancer Awareness month
Happy October!

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