Sunday, October 20, 2013


Just messing around on the new-to-me Ipad (Beve got a new one and gave me his oldish one), I found a pretty fun photo app, so thought I'd post a picture. Just a picture tonight. Then I'm going to bed. I've been sitting here in the dark too long. Long enough to have written an email, then somehow manage to delete the WHOLE thing with a single swipe of my little finger. Long enough that my son who texted me when he left Seattle, is now pulling into our driveway (that's about 1.5 hours, folks). So, just a picture tonight.

There's beauty in each of them.
(and yes, even though I'm no photographer, I actually took these pictures.
Amazing how creation can make even the most amateur among us
look good!)


sk said...

I want this in a print for my room. Please and thank you.

Recovering Church Lady said...

Haha! So fun to play with new techy stuff!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Beautifully word AND picture. Thank you for this today!

Kristina said...

That one on the bottom right is really something!