Friday, November 15, 2013

A blog I love

I'm a crazy-faced reader. The phrase 'crazy-faced' comes from my kids, and it's what they call our dogs when they are completely out-of-control. And I'll admit, they can get out of control more often than they should, especially this time of year when the weather isn't co-operating with their desire for ALL of their pack to hang out outside all day and half the night. I'm not ashamed to admit that while I don't mind the rain, I'm NOT all that interested in sitting on our back deck for hours at a time, throwing balls for our dogs. So they get a little crazy-faced by the time Beve comes home and goes off to play with them. He's far more intrepid than I am. Always has been, always will be.

But I AM a crazy-faced reader. Can't get enough of it. If there isn't a book in my hands, there's one at the ready. Or something I'm still chewing over and over until it nourishes me down to my marrow. 
One of the things I read a lot of these days are blogs. Of course. It's giving back to what I've been given, in a way. I read quilting blogs, family blogs, blogs of other believers. I even read some that smack of irreverence but make me think outside my box and, trust me, I need that, living in this small box of my own life as I we all do! 

One of my favorite blogs is one that isn't written very often. The writer has too much on her plate. Too, too much. But what she writes is so profound, so deep and heart-wrenching and exposing that I ALWAYS come away from it moved. No, more than moved. I come away with a stronger faith, a truer sense of God, and a desire to BE this woman when I grow up, even if she is all of 25 to my 56. 

Today, she's featured in an interview that I thought would give you a picture of who she is. Her name is Katie Davis, and...well, I'll let this interview tell you her story. Pay attention, God will work. I just know it!

The interview: A Red letter Christian

The name of her blog: on earth as it is in heaven

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