Monday, November 25, 2013

A Thanksgiving potpourri

Tomorrow evening Beve, J and I head south to older daughter E's place because early Wednesday morning we catch a flight to Oakland to spend Thanksgiving with younger daughter, SK. When I say early, I mean 6:00 A-stinking-M early. And though that's the shank of the morning for Beve, it's knee-deep in rem-cycle for J and me, so we'll be struggling just a wee bit. Still...worth the price we'll pay to spend a few days in our baby's new neck of the, the bay.

We'll meet my sister, LD, her son (who lives and works in San Francisco) and LD's boyfriend, for a very non-traditional Thanksgiving day feast. We went round and round the turkey mulberry bush about this. Finally settled on something we're all licking our chops over, something that won't take all day, will allow us to get out and about, which is part of what we're there to do (the last time J was in the Bay area, he was a babe in arms!).

We had a turkey and the fixin's on Saturday with Grampie, who kept exclaiming, "This is pretty good." He was especially taken with the Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider. He couldn't quite make heads or tails of what it was but if it'd been alcoholic, we'd have had to cut him off a whole lot sooner than we did! It was a good evening for him--we talked about Beve's mom, of whom Grampie only has the vaguest of memories. We told him all kinds of things about her: that she sewed, did stained glass, welding art, loved to host parties, was tall and dark-haired. Then he said, "But I don't remember her very well." He may not have meant what I credited him with meaning but it was a significant distinction for a man whom I would have said had always equated who a person was with what that person did.

Now, because this is a potpourri of sorts, or perhaps a cornucopia, I thought I'd answer these questions posted by my daughter E on her blog. How it fits in with Thanksgiving, I'm not quite sure, but let's just go with it, okay?

1. What's one nickname you've had that you have hated and who gave it to you?
My mother called me Carrie-Terri sometimes when I was young because my full name was Carolyn Theresa. I don't know if I hated it because of the sing-song quality of the name or because it was when she was trying to fit in with my teen-aged friends that she trying calling me thus. And a couple of athlete-friends called me Little Crank, because my older brother was always called Crank. I didn't HATE that, just didn't love it. You know the difference?

2. Who is one person you've tried to model yourself after?
My first instinct was to say "Jesus" because it's absolutely true, but it sounds a little too trite. So I'll say my dad. Also true. Of course. He was strong and loyal and honest, and sooo many other things. And I miss our deep and transforming conversations. Also my Beve. He's the most giving person I know. He just never stops giving to people. His heart is so Christ-like, and what's crazy is that he doesn't even think about it, doesn't even know it.

3. How do you recharge? Time alone. Time in the Word. Writing, reading, praying.

4. What is your favorite holiday and why? I love Christmas Eve. I mean it. Christmas, yes. But Christmas Eve is even better. I loved it as a child when everything was anticipation, and our family had a whole lot of wonderful traditions, like reading the Luke story and playing "Santa", having a talent show and going to the midnight service; and now with our own family when we do a lot of the same, but have added our own tradition of being honest about where we are with God, then sharing communion in the room by the tree with only candles and the fire as the light. It's my very favorite moment of the year, when God comes close. We enter in, and He is there.

5. Where is one place you've always dreamed of vacationing? I'd like to go to the Gold coast of Australia. I like warm places. Beve LOVES the sun and I do better there, too.

6. If had to be one a reality TV show, but could choose, which one would you be on? Hmm, not so much for reality TV but, if I could dance, "So You think You Can Dance" or sing, "The Sing-Off". Real competitions for people who are gifted (which I'm NOT). I'll content myself with just watching. 

7. What is one dessert you can never say "no" to? Pumpkin Bread Pudding, which, coincidentally, we'll be eating on Thursday. Hmm, imagine that. It's AMAZING. But then, I LOVE almost anything pumpkin.

8. If you could spend time with any living person for the day, who would it be? Eugene and Jan Peterson. I LOVE them. I miss them. He did the Bible translation The Message, and I was fortunate enough to become friends with them when I was in seminary at Regent College. The day we spent at their home in Montana was a precious gift--I'd love to repeat it.

9. Is there a commercial that can make you tear up? What one? Any commercial about animals, especially with the Sarah MacLachlan song in the background. Stop it, I'm serious, just stop it right now.

10. What is your go-to karaoke song? If I actually ever SANG karaoke it, it'd be "Sweet Caroline." ;)

Oh yeah, we'll be eating good old American Irish shepherd's pie, E's recipe. 

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love your Christmas Eve traditions. When our kids were little we did a lot more than we do now on Christmas eve. Mostly we just get everything ready for Christmas morning and get to bed after one last long look at the tree lit up in the dark clean before the mess of opening presents in the morning. Anyway. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. So many things to be thankful for!