Thursday, November 7, 2013


I just read three blog posts from different corners of the globe. And each post had the same sentence in it: "But He makes me brave."  Now I don't necessarily jump to the conclusion that God is speaking to ME through every blog post I read, but when three in a row make the same point, even the most slow-to-get-it (like me!) sits up and takes notice.

What I know is that I'm patently NOT brave on my own. I have as many fears as anyone. Some are silly, some aren't. Some make sense in my crazy brain because of events from my past, some don't. But my own fear isn't ever the point. Neither is my ability to be brave on my own. Like that's even possible. Or possible to sustain, I should say. And these days, there are reasons to be afraid. There are global reasons. There are many among us who believe that we're living in the last days, that all that's happening in our country and across the world point to the end times. I can't say whether this is true or not. It seems to me that we've been looking for the last days since the day Jesus ascended to heaven. But there are things that trouble us about this world. Things that trouble me. And where I'm troubled, it's easy to fear. I admit that. Perhaps some of you more instantly go to faith than I do. For me, it's a process of surrender. Of letting go of myself and giving over of those fears to Him. And standing where HE says. Being faithful to stand. And stand and stand.

But, to be honest, it's the personal things that are harder. I also admit this. I can't tell you what they are exactly but they're real, and without Him, those fears can be consuming. Can take my feet out from under me.

These words from across the globe this morning--"He makes me brave"--are like a light shining in the darkness where I've been sitting lately. I've been sitting here, trying to trust Him but, at the same time, holding onto those fears.

What He whispers is, "open that hand and let them go!" Trust Him. He will make me brave. "Be strong and courageous," the Lord told Joshua (1:9). "Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord Your God will be with you wherever you go."


Recovering Church Lady said...

I love the way you expressed the same experience that I wrote about! We are definitely on the same page
After too many years of trying to MAKE MYSELF brave, it is a sweet freedom to let Him make me brave!

jeskmom said...

Yep, 'singing from the same hymn-book', you might even say. Gotta love it!