Monday, November 4, 2013

Buy a battery--repost

It's a good night to revisit an old post, I think. A good night to remind myself (and maybe you) of something I sometimes forget. This was written just about exactly five years ago, but it's something I could write tonight. I should write it to myself, too!

So here you go:

Have you ever been around a fellow Christian who spends all their time trying to figure out what deep, spiritual thing God is saying? In any and every situation, there's a mystery to be solved, or a supernatural intervention to discover.   I have...the Beve has, I think we all have.  Many years ago Beve was in a men's early morning Bible study.  One morning one of the men was very concerned, needed prayer. You see, he had planned a trip across the mountains for that day, but when he went out to his truck that morning, it wouldn't start.  The way he looked at it, either God didn't want him to go, or the enemy was throwing up a roadblock to keep him home.  Sitting next to Beve that morning was a scientist (our son's fishiing buddy!).  As the troubled man was asking for prayer, "What do you think God is telling me?", the scientist leaned over to Beve and said, "Buy a battery!"

That phrase has become a standard response between Beve and me.  Whenever we see someone--and that includes either of us!--gyrating to see what obscure, or deeper lesson He's trying to teach us, one of us will murmur it to the other, or at least think it internally,"Buy a battery!"  Buying a battery can be just as spiritual as anything else.  Sometimes--maybe often--the answer is as plain as that.  That obvious.  God, who is a mystery, also tells us ordinary things, obvious thing. He's in it all, isn't He?  Maybe we think too much about the meaning of an event, rather than realizing that He just wants us to take care of business, by buying a battery when we need to start our car.

Here's another example: a couple of years ago, at the end of the summer, we became infested with fruit flies.  I'm serious, it was a real infestation, so much so that I was vacuuming our windows several times a day, all the while, praying, "Please God, get rid of these dang flies!"  It was truly disgusting.  But day after day, as I cleaned our windows, they continued to appear.  I never seemed to win the battle, and God was alarmingly quiet to my pleas.  I looked up fruit flies on the internet, trying to find a solution, then trying everything every reference suggested.  But I never got to the source of the problem.  Finally, one day, I asked God to 'please help me find them,' and then I stopped looking in obvious places.  And I discovered an old bag of potatoes in a closet that I would never have put produce in.  It was so amazing to find them that I knew it was God.
"Please help me do the work--the search--and fill up what is not in me to do."

See the difference?  Instead of sitting around trying to figure out what God might have wanted me to learn by this event, what spiritual lesson I needed to be taught, just help me use the brain You've given me to do what must be done in this situation.  Buy a battery!  Look first for the obvious answer.

Of course, sometimes it's the enemy. Sometimes it's God saying no...but first, maybe always first, look for the easy answer...Your car won't start?  God is saying, 'buy a battery!'  Maybe the simple answer is actually the miracle.  After that, trust that if He has something more to teach you, something deeper, it's His business, His holy, Kingdom-come business to make that clear as well.

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

So, if I buy the battery, and the car still won't start...THEN I'm pretty sure God just didn't want me to take that trip at that particular time because obviously I'm stuck! Yeah, I understand what is within your own power to do, and then just let God take care of the rest. He knows how to lead us either way. Thank you for this story today. Good one.