Sunday, December 22, 2013

A few pictures of my real life


Full disclosure: If you're faint of heart of body, you might want to skip the first picture of this post. The image below is NOT Hollywood make-up, but my real neck. And, though you can't tell, it's lumpy today. Dang.
This gives you an idea why I'm feeling a bit under the weather.
And since the weather here is gray and rainy that's saying something.
Actually what it's saying is, "Cover me with scarves, PLEASE!!!"
And I'm answering, "Don't worry, that's my plan!"
Scarves and scarves and scarves.
And more scarves.

Moving along to something much MORE BEAUTIFUL to look at, here's a picture of my Christmas present:

While I was taking one of my myriad naps the other day, Beve had it installed.
I've been asking for YEARS for this;
for years we've been looking for exactly the right wood;
and about three weeks ago at a reclaimed lumber yard, Beve found a perfect piece of Afrormosia, African Teak.
This exotic wood comes ONLY from the jungles of the west coast of Africa,
and is now considered endangered, due to over-logging and habitat encroachment.
We haven't the faintest idea how it made its way to a little shop here in the northwest corner of Washington State where most of the wood is used for boats, but there it was.
And because it had a few imperfections, it wouldn't be sea-worthy,
making it EXACTLY what we were looking for.
Hence, we have this beautiful piece of African wood in our living room, which is just about the most amazing thing I can imagine, because my heart is full of African, in almost every way you can imagine
(my living room as well, come to think of it!).

I was so inspired by FINALLY having a mantle that I made brand new Christmas stockings for us
(including one for brother BB)
finished them just last weekend before I went to the hospital.
Now my mantle looks exactly as it should for Christmas.

 actually decorated our tree.

I think Beve, BB and Maica are all tired from the effort. But we have a tree at the ready when our daughters swoop in for their quick visits (we are counting the minutes now!).

I'm recovering at the expected pace. Sleeping like a baby. Literally. Up to eat, sit around for a couple of hours, back down for a nap, and repeat. I get worn out easily. Also forget (EASILY!!!) that I'm not supposed to bend, lift or twist my head. You try doing that for a few weeks (months?) and see how easy it is.

Nevertheless, I am thankful.

For soo much.
Mostly, for this:

Yes, for a family who loves on me without question.
For friends who can laugh with and at me.
For the kindness of loved ones near and far.
For a year in which, even though I suffered, there were SO MANY blessings of community with those I love.
For more and more and more than I can express that I get this life,
and this life is good.
And HE is GOOD.

Merry Christmas.


M said...

Merry Christmas, Bellinghammers! :)
p.s. Gorgeous tree!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Beautiful mantle! I know you will enjoy it forever!
Your neck doesn't look so bad considering what you've been through! The wonderful thing is hopefully it has fixed the problem and you will soon be good as new!
Praying for that outcome!
Blessings to you and yours in the New Year.