Wednesday, January 29, 2014


It's like I've been in touch with friends from every era of my life. That's what this season is. That's what praying does. I'm a myopic creature. I know that. I put on my glasses almost the moment I get out of bed. It's easy to be even more myopic spiritually.

I got to thinking about this tonight when Beve was talking about his day. He has large concerns. I know that. But as he spoke, I kept thinking of how each situation affected him. Beve is my concern in his job. And even as I admitted that to him, I realized how myopic that is. He thinks about kids, teachers, administrators, staff--always thinking of those he serves.
As I was getting my dander up about something today, he said, "It doesn't matter what the other person does. I can't control that. I AM responsible for what kind of job I do."

It was a good slap in my face, so to speak. Or perhaps I should say, it made me put on my spiritual spectacles and see the larger picture more clearly. There is always more going on than just my puny concerns. More than my family, more than my corner of the world to love and pray for.

And these months of intentional prayer for such a diverse group of people from my life (and even those who aren't connected to me in any personal way) has been like a bright light added to those spectacles. I need focus and I need His light to remind me that 'me and mine' are not the center of the universe. This re-focus is exactly what God wants for all of us. He wants us to get outside of ourselves and be reminded that even as He loves every hair on my head, so He loves every hair on the heads of those I've never seen nor will ever meet. That He knows them is enough. Yes, it's more than enough for me to care about them--on every continent, in every walk of life.

What if each of us who are called by His name (Little Christs), took one city, town, village, people group? What if each of us made it our responsibility to pray for that place and people? Do you ever wonder what would happen if we actually did this? If we tackled the world this way? By prayer first? I mean, taking on a people and living with them the way we live with our families, taking them to God exactly the way we do our children, our parents, our friends, our spouses--wouldn't it be cool to see Him work. May He unleash His power through us. He wants to, I know He does.

"May Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth (exactly)
as it's done in heaven."

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

This is such a good reminder to pray...pray intentionally, regularly, with a purpose and the faith to believe that God is listening and acting upon our requests. I've been working on this. One little segment of my world at a time. I know I can't cover everyone, but I can cover the ones God places within my sphere of influence and in my heart. One prayer at a time. Thank you for re-inspiring me today to keep going.