Saturday, January 25, 2014

Keeping at it

A cool moment from this prayer adventure I've been on with God during this season of outward inactivity:

Last night Beve, J and I went out to dinner with a couple of men Beve works with, then on to the high school basketball game at Beve's school. It was 'Coaches Against Cancer' and even though it was the only game I expect to attend this year, it's one I don't miss. Beve's school has had a lot of success in basketball over the years--the basketball coach is a man who loves kids, history, character, basketball. And Jesus. He might not talk about Jesus in the classroom or gym, but he's all about character and even when his teams aren't first in state, it's a pleasure to watch him coach. We always sit behind the bench; this is left-over from the days when Beve used to be an assistant coach, and I liked to watch him talk to players when they came off the court.  Beve stopped coaching when it grew too difficult for him to hear in loud, acoustically-challenging spaces (and gyms are ALWAYS acoustically-challenging!).

We got there early, in time to watch a C-team player for the opposing team fall and cut open his head. Early enough that we had to stand around and wait for the bleachers to be pulled out after that C-team game. Then we took up our customary seats and were promptly surrounded by a whole lot of men Beve has had relationships with over the years. I'm not kidding. One man who sat right beside Beve, LS, was the head coach of the team Beve helped with right after we finished grad school--the year J was born. I'm talking 27 years and 3 jobs ago for Beve, not to mention a whole lifetime for all of us (especially SK, who wasn't even alive then!).

Another man who walked up could have shocked the socks off me, if that was actually more than a metaphor. You see, this man and his family were ones God told me to pray for a couple weeks ago. However, I thought they were living overseas. About eleven years ago, they decided they'd take teaching jobs in Singapore, and after many years there, they went on to Turkey. But...apparently (obviously!), they came back last summer. He took a Principal's job at a town just down the road a piece and his younger daughter goes to Beve's high school. Somehow, between this and that, Beve and I hadn't talked about their return. Anyway, there I was, two weeks ago, praying for them, thinking they were in Turkey, not knowing WHY I was praying. And here they were, just a mile away from Beve's high school.

So I told AD that about my praying for him. He was delighted. Then he said, "Two weeks ago? Really? Two weeks ago I went from hating my job to loving it. And I haven't been able to figure out what made the difference." He stopped a moment. "I don't know why I should be so surprised that God does such things. But I am."

I am, too.
But it's pretty cool, huh?
I absolutely LOVE that God does such things. And that He gave both AD and me that moment to reveal to both of us that HE was in it, that HE had been working on AD's behalf, that He is ALWAYS working. This encouraged AD, and it encourages keep at it. Yes, that's it, just to keep at it.