Friday, January 24, 2014

Olympic praying

Any other night it would have been a nightmare, a heart-pounding, sweat-producing, knocking-me-upright-from-a-dead-sleep nightmare. But not these days. Perhaps all the nights this winter have been heading to this one night and all the dreams leading to this one. Not a pleasant dream but a real one, and a dream from which I awakened and knew God wanted me to pray for those who'd inhabited that dream every bit as much as He'd been pressing me to pray for all those who'd inhabited all the other 'easy' dreams before it. Maybe He was saying, "For such a time as this, I've also called you to pray."

Because here's my dream:
I was in a farmhouse deep in the woods near Sochi with some women. And I was helping them pack their back-packs. Yes, helping them pack them terrible things (they looked like batteries, but weren't) that would do terrible things to athletes and coaches and spectators. But what I was doing was protecting those devices from becoming the destructive objects they were meant to become. What I was wrapping them in was some kind of towel these women couldn't even see, but I knew was there. And it was meant to save not only the victims but the carriers of the back-packs. These women also needed saving from this terrible act.

That's what got to me when I awakened.

I don't know what lies ahead in the days of the Olympics. I really don't. I only know that God has put on my heart that I am to pray for all those who might seek to do harm there. The enemy prowls. We know this. And God has put on my heart that he will be at large during the games. The games. The wonderful two weeks when countries put aside different ideologies and play--this is a moment when the enemy will be at large. And God wants me (and maybe you?) to be praying...

May HE intervene, be the protector. And BE glorified.


Recovering Church Lady said...

Oh my goodness, my heart is pounding so hard as I read this post! I have had such an awful sense of dread whenever I see the olympic commercials or it is mentioned on the news.
The other day I even tweeted that I wish it could be canceled, and then I deleted it because I did not want flack from uber patriotic people who would say that we can't let the bad guys win etc.
BUT my friend, I believe that you are on to something important here and I will join you in prayer. I am also going to point people to this post so that others will join us. Thanks for writing this dear one.

Dawn Paoletta said...

OK, Carolyn and Susie- I was having a
conversation with my mom TODAY, about these exact I said to my mom, the athletes deserve to be focused and have this season, this year...YET, my mom mentioned a few things and a feeling of apprehension and I agreed. The time, the choice of place, the significance of all the world watching...I will commit to pray with you. I sense a different feeling then ever before. Vague, but unsettling. It must mean God wants me (us) to lean in and smack our flesh into submission...the spirit is willing, but are we. Lord make it so, let us not be lazy in our commitment to pray for our country and these games. May you guide and protect us, In Jesus name, AMen.

jeskmom said...

Thank you so much for praying, too. Like you, I've had the same feelings, but until God gave me that dream, I wasn't pushed to speak (write!) about it.
The idea that our prayer can KEEP the evil from happening (the towel in my dream) is powerful to me--we MUST be encouraged that WE have the strongest weapon against evil!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Wow...where has my head been lately? This is an eye opener...I need to pay more attention to what is happening in the world...and definitely PRAY. Thank you for this wake up call. I will be praying along with you. Yes, Prayer is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. May we use it deliberately and with strong faith. Amen.