Friday, January 3, 2014

The last quilts of the year







a. my first circle quilt for my sister LD
b. a simple striped quilt to match our family room, because I was tired of our ratty blankets, and like the fabric.
c. a mixed chevron (see how the brown goes the other way? Plus two photo-bombing dogs!)
d. a baby quilt for my cousin's baby Zoe, who arrived in November (Please pray for her--she's a fighter with a rough journey!)
e. a baby quilt for a very close friend's newest grand baby, due on her birthday (end of January)
f. brother bb's asked for (but apparently unneeded) duvet cover--he MEANT a fleece backed quilt.
g. the Christmas stockings I made to match our new mantle (I think I posted these before
h. a quilt for E. She saw one she loved on pinterest, so we graphed it out and I figured out how to make it in colors to match the colors she's chosen for her condo (and Christmas...but don't tell her. I think it can work all year, don't you?)
i. Another quilt found on pinterest. This one I made for SK (with many variations). With the colors she loves--deep, rich jewel tones. I've become fan of finding inspiration wherever I can get it.

And now--sob, sob--I can't get near my sewing machine until my surgeon gives me the OKAY, which won't be until MARCH. MARCH, I tell you I might just expire before then. From lack of quilting. I need a new hobby. Sigh. One that I can do without bending, twisting, or raising my head. I've been watching a lot of TV. More than EVER. And a lot of sleeping. Not quite more than ever but that's only because I was once an infant.

In any case, that's my quilting review of the last few months.

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M said...

Love the first and last one! And you just need to look at this surgery recovery time as brain storming time.