Sunday, February 2, 2014


I may have mentioned this before but it's worth repeating tonight that I love football! Er, American football, I mean: the kind with the strangely shaped ball, odd points scored and grown men pushing and plowing into each other like it's their job. Oh wait, for pros, it really is their job.

This has been the best football season I've ever had as a fan. Now I realize that there are a whole lot of fans who root for perennial favorites, teams that are always on the verge of winning National Championships in the college ranks or NFL champs at the pro level. However, this hasn't been my experience. It hasn't been the experience of anyone in this corner of the country. We love our matter how they do. (Go Cougs!)

But our state's been whipped up into a frenzy this football season. The last couple of weeks it's like the whole world have been decked out in team colors: the sky itself decided (against all rainy winter logic) to come out from behind the clouds and be proudly Seahawks blue; the evergreens are always verdant green, showing their team pride. But you get my drift. There have been Seahawks sales at every store, Mount Rainier was temporarily renamed Mt. Seahawks for today, which the governor pronounced Seahawks Sunday!

My point is that it's been a big deal. A giant deal. Like the biggest thing that's ever happened around these parts. And those grown men in our team colors came through. They won. And our whole state is rocking! I'm just sure of it. So many fireworks went off just in our town our poor Springer Spaniel was shaking in her fur, and burrowed into the Beve's large arms.

I was happy, too. Of course! I'm a true fan.

But I got to thinking after the folks stopped yelling from their decks and the fireworks went silent! I got to thinking about how it will feel when the Real victory party begins. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? When Christ returns, when the enemy is destroyed for good, when the final victory lap is taken...there will be a feast then! A banquet! And we'll celebrate in such a way that it will make such days as this Super Bowl Party look anemic and empty. Can you imagine? On a day like this, I have just an inkling...
And maybe that's part of what I love about cheering on a team!
The inkling is that this is cool--way cool--but something more is waiting!
And I can hardly wait!

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